Looking for love? Zazah is ready to be your forever valentine! This sweet pup will steal your heart with her big puppy dog eyes and wet kisses. When Zazah first came to the shelter, she was terrified by her new environment, but since going to a foster home, she has opened up to become a silly and loving puppy. She is extremely affectionate and will sneak onto the bed for extra cuddles in the morning. Zazah has been getting along wonderfully with her foster sister and adores her. They love to wrestle, and Zazah’s signature move is jumping from the couch to pounce on her big sister! Zazah does exhibit some resource guarding from her sister but is correctable and will require continued training. She can still be timid around strangers, and will need an experienced adopter who can continue to build her confidence. In return, she will provide you with unconditional love and joy. Come meet this sweet pup today!

Create Your Own Doggie First Aid Kit. You never know when an accident might happen so it’s recommended to have a first aid kit on hand just in case. Here’s a great list of basic items a pet first aid kit should have.