Zara Home launches its first range for pets

Collage of Zara Home pet range
Time to treat your pet (Picture: Zara Home)

As humans, we like to treat ourselves.

New clothes and makeup are just some of the ways we like to make ourselves feel good.

But what about our pets? They deserve a gift every once in a while, and with the launch of Zara Home’s debut pet collection, there has never been a better excuse. The Spanish brand has always been our go-to for a fashion fix, and now it may well be our pet accessory shopping destination of choice too.

Its first pet collection is surprisingly chic, making it a must-have for our beloved pets. Mainly aimed at dogs, some items will also work for the cat in your life.

All of the new launch pieces are understated designs in earthy tones, but functionality is at the core of the collection.

Small dog laying in natural wicker basket
Pet accessories (Picture: Zara Home)

There are various beds on offer, from the natural wicker basket to the patterned soft cushioned options in both striped and floral styles.

And to add even more fashionable comfort to the home, why not try the plush checked pillows and a faux shearling blanket.

Items of necessity come in luxe designs at a great price and include a beautiful cream enamelled food bowl and a range of stylish Catford Dog leads.

Find ways to enrich your pet’s environment. Your dog or cat needs your help to stay mentally stimulated. This is important not only to discourage destructive behavior in younger pets, but also to keep your older pet’s brain sharp.

While practical items fill the collection, essential play items such as the retro-style multi-coloured ball and soft chew bone toy will keep them entertained.

And it’s not just the animals who are catered for; a coffee table book called Dogs by Walter Chandoha and a dog memory card game are ready for use to keep you the human amused and engaged too.

Below are some of our top picks:

Natural fibre basket

Wicker basket from Zara pet collection
Stylish and practical (Picture: Zara Home)

Price: £35.99 – 45.99

Check faux shearling blanket

Faux shearling blanket in green check
Comfort is key (Picture: Zara Home)

Price: £22.99

Enamelled pet food bowl

Cream enamelled food bowl
Chic design (Picture: Zara Home)

Price: £15.99 – £22.99

Floral print bed

Picture: Zara Zara Home launches its first range for pets
Plush comfort (Picture: Zara Home)

Price: £59.99 – £79.99

Catford Dogs lead

Catford Dog green lead
Necessary purchases (Picture: Zara Home)

Price: £25.99

Floral bone toy

Soft bone toy
Play items (Picture: Zara Home)

Price: £17.99

Checked cushion

Small check cushion
Everything your pet needs (Picture: Zara Home)

Price: £22.99

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