You should probably get a heated bed for your dog this winter

(Picture: KHPet)

If you’ve ever sat on a heated bed, seat, or even a toilet then you know it’s what dreams are made of, especially during winter.

So why should our pets miss out on all the fun?

You can now get heated beds for your doggos because they get cold too, you know.

Instead of being squashed into your sofa because your dog wants to make the most of your body warmth, you should probably invest in a heated bed for your canine companions.

Amazon is selling one so now owners don’t have to go through their winters pinned down by their pets.

Heated dog beds Picture: KHPet
(Picture: KHPet)

The Thermo Snuggly Sleeper by K&H Pet Products will make sure your beloved pooch stays warm when the temperatures drop.

The six-watt heated bed aligns with the dog’s temperature, making it perfect for them to snuggle into and sleep on.

It won’t take up too much space either, at 26 by 20 inches but if you have a larger pet you can get it from the K&H website, as well as Amazon.

But it will cost a pretty penny (surely our pets are worth it though?), available at Amazon for £102.13 and for £294.49 for a bigger one.

If you did want to get it for a significantly cheaper price then head to the K&H website where it’s available for $145 (£112) .

If you like getting a second opinion then you’ll be pleased to know pet owners have left rave reviews.

One person wrote: ‘I have a two-year-old all white Siberian Husky. You’d think that he wouldn’t want any more warmth because of his thick hair, but he loves this heated bed. After every single walk he runs into my room and on his bed. He starts to whine if he can tell that it’s not warm. It’s a little expensive, but it’s worth it.’

Another happy customer said: ‘We have a four-pound Chihuahua and when she takes a nap it’s in the sun through the sliding door or in her heated bed. I’m grateful that she can have a place to go when she needs to keep warm, I’m now looking for a 12-volt model so we can take on in the car or on the motorcycle in her pet taxi.’

If you’re worried about the bed getting smelly, then don’t worry the pillow and covers are removable so you can give it a good wash.

Cat owners, worry not, there are beds for your kitties too but they tend to be self-warming as cats are already warm creatures. These beds r eflect and retain your pet’s radiated body heat.

Alternatively, you can get a heated pad for them.

Remember, happy, warm pets make a happy home.