You can now go bowling with dogs at All Star Lanes

Three dogs, one dressed in a white top, one in a red top and one Frenchie looking grumpy on the side
It’s what we’ve all been waiting for (Picture: All Star Lanes)

Bowling is about to get a whole lot more fun.

All Star Lanes, which has five venues across London and Manchester, has just announced a dog-themed summer of events hosted alongside organisers of London Dog Week.

There are three activities to choose from: doggy bowling, bottomless brunching with your pooch or speed dating with other dog owners.

Each event will be held on multiple dates to give dog lovers ample opportunity to spend time with furry friends.

The Barking Brunch

Normally, if you bring a bunch of dogs to a fancy brunch you’ll get told to sit outside or that the venue doesn’t allow them.

But at The Barking Brunch, they are not just invited but encouraged. The event will be held at the White City location, and includes two hours of bottomless Pawsecco for your pooch, as well as mimosas and craft beer for humans. As for the food, it’s not quite brunch-themed but tasty all the same with All Star Lanes’ signature Lebowski brunch burger (a 6oz chuck steak and rib cap patty topped with treacle cured bacon, slow-cooked pork rib and a yolk fried egg, as well as American cheese, tomato salsa and mustard).

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT YOUR PET: Man’s best friend? Petting a dog and gazing into their eyes releases oxytocin (i.e the “love hormone”) not only for you, but for them as well.

There are also plenty of treats for pooches.

The Barking Brunch will be held during Saturdays in June to August including 1 June, 13 July, 3 August and 31 August, during 11.30 to 2pm or 2.30pm to 5pm.

Black and white Frenchie looking cranky
Your pooch could find love at speed dating (Picture: All Star Lanes)

Date My Dog

If you always swipe right on dating profiles that include dog photos, this one’s for you.

The speed dating events will be held at the Brick Lane location and who knows – both you and your dog could end up finding love.

Although with that many cute pooches hanging about, we’re not sure how much attention we’d pay to our human date.

Tickets cost £20, which includes Pawsecco for the pooches and nibbles for the humans.

Date My Dog will be held on 26 July and 30 August from 6pm to 8pm and 8pm to 10pm.

Doggy Parent Bowling League

And finally, bowling.

Sign yourself and your pet up for the Doggy Parent Bowling League competition.

You could win prizes for both yourself and your pup, including free bowling for a year.

This event is also held at the White City venue. Tickets costs £10 per person or get the upgraded ticket for £20, which includes a sharing platter ‘full of signature snacks from the Lanes Kitchen’.

Use a teapot to rinse dogs off in the bathtub without getting water and soap in their eyes.

The bowling will run from 12.30pm to 3pm – swing by on 7 July, 4 August or 1 September.

Just don’t throw the balls around for your dog to catch, please.

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