You can now buy fancy pet beds that match your own sofa

dog on pet bed
Whoever said pet beds had to be boring? (Picture:

If you love coordinating your outfits to your four-legged friends, how about matching their bed to your sofa as well? has a plethora of pet beds that mirror some of its best-selling designs – so animals can curl up on a sofa that looks exactly the same as their owner’s.

It’s worth pointing out that some of these launched last year, but the brand has recently added a few more to the collection – so there’s something to suit your (and your pet’s) interior tastes.

Available for both cats and dogs , these stylish mini sofas now come in three designs, with four different colours in total.

There’s a pink velvet Moby human sofa, priced at £449, which has a matching pet bed for £179. The design – which features a padded seat and angled copper legs – is ideal for larger furry friends, like Border Collies or Springer Spaniels.
dog on pet bed next to human sofa
Give your pet bed a stylish makeover (Picture:
There’s also a smaller version of this pink beauty available for £129, which says is perfect for medium-sized animals, such as Jack Russells, French Bulldogs, Beagles or cats.
cat on pet bed
Modelled beautifully (Picture:

Anyone looking to make a statement, the Moby is also available in a vibrant yellow shade.

Socialize your pet. This is especially important for puppies. Again – behavior problems are the number one reason dogs don’t stay with their families and don’t get adopted by new families. Lack of proper socialization can result in inappropriate fears, aggressive behavior, general timidity, and a host of other behavior problems that are difficult to extinguish once a dog is mature.

dog on yellow pet bed next to human sofa
Although your dog probably won’t see the colour (Picture:
For something a little moodier, the brand’s Kooper sofa comes in a dramatic blue. It includes smooth curves, velvet upholstery, brass legs and an unusual dramatically shaped backrest. It’s available in two sizes – one for humans at £449 and one for cats and smaller pooches like Dachshunds, Pugs and Terriers at £129.
dog on pet bed
A good boy should get a good bed (Picture:
If you don’t want to commit to an entire sofa, the brand also has its Kolton armchair. The marl grey chair is wide and features upholstery quilted details that give off a padded effect.

This one is priced at £449 for humans and £99 for the pet variety, which is suitable for cats and medium-sized dogs.

dog on pet armchair, next to human armchair
Perfect for snoozing (Picture:
cat on armchair
Looking pretty comfortable (Picture:

Ultimately, these pieces are aimed at house proud pet owners who don’t want to compromise the style of their living space. But they also ensure canines and kitties get the utmost comfort they deserve, too.

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