X-mas for pets: This Christmas, pets had a purrfect and furry celebration

From customised Christmasy suits, Santa caps, squeaky toys and lots of treats – pet parents are making sure that their pawsome buddies have a merry Christmas this year...
Posing for the family postcard
BeFunky-collage (1)
Working professionals Jatin and Smita D’Souza share that their pet is going to get a new jacket and toys as Christmas presents. And that’s not it. The one-year-old Indie, Mimi, will also be posing for cameras in a special photoshoot organised for the family postcard. “Christmas is a time for friends and family. Mimi is an integral member of our family so she is getting a new jacket with her name on it. In addition to the squeaky toys which she loves, we have organised a photoshoot and Mimi will wear the jacket for the same,” says Smita.

Pooches deserve their Santa sockBeFunky-collage (5)
Just like the ritual kids follow of hanging a sock for Santa’s gift, David Matthew, a banker from Bengaluru, will keep a special sock for his pet baby with a new wish. “Angel loves to sleep on the bed, so this year, we are making her dream come true - first with a message to Santa, followed by a customised comfy bed as a gift. This is our effort to make our pet feel special and included in the festivities," says David.

Fancy headwear and more
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Anita Johnson, a business developer from Pune, says that she will take her eight-month-old English cocker spaniel Ranger out for a picnic to celebrate Christmas and give him a cute headgear. “For Christmas, we want to take him out on a picnic with the family and enjoy the sunshine and doggy treats. Christmas is all about spending quality time with your family and spreading joy and we want to do that with our little bundle dressed in a lovely Christmas sweater and a special Santa cap to make him look adorable,” she says.

Make way for Christmas treat for pooches
Meenal Jhangiani, a corporate communications consultant from Ahmedabad, shares, “I will be baking a special cake for my babies, JoJo (six-and-half year-old Labrador) and Poppy (a two-year-old cat), this Christmas and spoil them with gifts. They get excited when they get a special meal, treat or a toy on such occasions. We always make sure to include them in all our celebrations. Last year, we had spent our New Year’s at a pet-friendly resort with them. It was a memorable trip and we want to do more such stuff.”

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