'Worst day ever' Horror dog warning after pet falls ill after ingesting 'drugs' in park

A DOG owner has issued a warning after her dog fell ill after walking in a park


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Willow the Cockapoo was on her daily morning walk when she is believed to have consumed "cannabis" or "opiate-based" drug in the park - and subsequently lost the use of her legs.

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The owner of one-year-old Willow has urged the public to put rubbish in bins - as she fears the same could happen to other animals.The pair were walking in St George Park in Bristol at the time of the incident.

When she returned home from the walk, she discovered the young pooch was sick and had lost the use of her legs - so she quickly rushed her to a nearby vet.

Willow's owner, Caz, 40, told BristolLive: "I took her to Vets4Pets in Kingswood and they kept her in all day. They said she had neurological symptoms and had suffered from toxic poisoning from cannabis or an opiate-based drug."

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Owners are warned of discarded drugs when out walking (Image: Getty)Caz regularly carries out litter picks at the park with her 13-year-old son Spencer and said it is cared for well by the local Friends of St George Park group.

But the incident has left her fearful it could happen to another dog or a child.

After the incident, she wrote on social media: "PLEASE TAKE YOUR RUBBISH, DRUGS, CANS, BOTTLES AND ANYTHING ELSE HOME OR PUT IT IN THE BIN!! This has been the worst day ever!!

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Police at St George Park in Bristol where Willow ingested the substance (Image: PA)"Poor Willow has spent the day in the veterinary surgery and we are now nursing her at home hoping she will be OK. Let’s keep our parks clean, green and safe for everyone to use."

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Thankfully, Willow has made a good recovery after being treated at the vet following the incident.

A similar incident occurred in Nottingham only a few weeks prior. Two dogs appeared "lifeless" after consuming cannabis while out on a walk in a nature reserveDON'T MISS: Rescue dog who watched 7 siblings get new homes still waiting [INSIGHT]Expat found dead down a deep well with his pet dog [COMMENT]Dog horror warning as Pets at Home withdraws products after dog dies [ANALYSIS]


Owners are warned of potential symptoms if their dog has ingested an illicit substance (Image: Getty)

At the time, the local surgery posted a warning online saying that in just four days they had seen two dogs with neurological signs following ingestion of marijuana.

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Pet care company, Wag Walking, described some of the signs to look out for if you think your pet may have ingested an illicit substance.

Hyperactivity, lack of coordination, dilated pupils, twitches and aggression are some of the signs to look out for but symptoms vary from drug to drug.

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