World Health Organisation: The pandemic has been a difficult phase for pets, say activists

Besides the widespread fear and anxiety, this coronavirus crisis has given birth to another issue - that of pet abandonment. Activists across the country are registering the exponential rise in pet parents leaving their dogs and cats either at shelter homes, or worse, just leaving them on the streets to fend for themselves. Most of the families made such decisions because of misinformation that cats and dogs can spread the virus. Even though World Health Organisation (WHO) has stated several times that there is no evidence that animals can transmit the virus to humans.
Anusha Srinivasan Iyer, who besides being writer-director for award winning short films is also an ardent animal and environment activist, weighs in on the situation. "First it was due to ignorance where people thought pets cause COVID19. Then it was because they had no money. We have helped with food and rescues during COVID19. It has been a very difficult phase for us rescuing all these lost and confused pets" she says.

Anusha Srinivasan has been sheltering 111 dogs and cats
As these animals also reach to her at the Pawsitive Farm Sanctuary she runs for rescue and rehabilitation, where she is already taking care of 111 dogs and cats, she voices how the choice rests with humans. "Animals love selflessly. They forgive, they forget and they live and love like there is no tomorrow. They are free children of God and have been made to remind us of these virtues. They can not protest when their voice is not heard. What we do comes back to us in multifold, be it good or evil. The choice rests with us. I have been blessed to be able to bring them home, to be able to take care of them, to stand up for them" she adds.
After much advocacy, many activists are now reversing the situation by helping find the furry babies a better and forever home with those who would take care of them. "Change happens because of a few good people. The more we try and help, the more there will be a change. So be more kind and compassionate towards your pets, these are confusing times for them too" she concludes.

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