World Environment Day: #WorldEnvironmentDay: Take a step towards becoming sustainable pet parents

In the course of being environmentally conscious and sustainable in our choices, we tend to ignore our pets. Pets too, add on the carbon foot print and the packaged food that we give them also consists of material which is not good for the environment. So, on the occasion of World Environment Day, we speak to a few sustainable pet parents, who are bringing changes in and around their pets' lives.
Go for organic or homemade food:
Snehal Joshi, who is a mother to three Labradors suggests that homemade food is the best option for dogs and their healthy growth. "I have been feeding my dogs homemade chicken and rice for three years now, and they are perfectly healthy. I am strongly against packaged food, because some of them are really unhealthy for the pets and the environment," says Snehal. She also suggests that someone who can't make food at home for their pets, can always opt for organic food, or homemade food that are sold by people. She also says that wasting food is another very important part that one needs to focus on. "Give you dog small portions, and if you feel you have made extra, use that to feed the strays," says Snehal.

Don't buy, Adopt Adoption from shelter homes play a huge role in this aspect. The growing population of dogs and cats in our country is of serious concern. Trisha Nath is a proud pet parent of two strays. "Adoption is the only way to cut down on the growing number of strays. I don't see a point of investing so much money on a fancy breed. If you invest the same money on these strays, you can give a better life to so many of them at that cost, so adoption should be your go to choice," says Trisha.

Eco-friendly pet gears!
These pet parents strongly suggest everyone to shift to eco-friendly pet gears. "Be it clothes, beds, leashes, all these things are made by eco friendly means by many organisations. Leashes made of bamboo or hemp, are available in the market, so go for these instead of buying the non-biodegradable stuff,"' stays Trishna. She also recommends re-using or donating them. "If you are planning to get a second pet, keep these in good condition so that it can be used for you new pet and if not then you can donate it to adoption centres," expresses Trishna.

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