World Cat Day: World Cat Day: 7 awesome facts about cats that will take you by surprise

Just when you thought you have finally decoded everything that intrigues you about cats, here are some facts that will make you scratch your head. Yes, unlike dogs, cats are known for their mysterious ways. Besides being low maintenance (they don’t need to be bathed frequently unlike their canine friends) and a little moody, these furballs can be quite interesting. They might not break into a happy dance the moment they see you, but they have the unique ability to win your heart. On this World Cat Day (which is celebrated on August 8 every year) we bring you some interesting facts about your little feline friend.
They can’t taste sweet
Surprisingly, unlike dogs, cats are not fond of sweets. According to scientists, the key taste receptor in a cat’s tongue has changed over the ages due to mutation. And this prevents the species from tasting anything that is sweet. You can find out if your cat likes sweet or not by offering it a sugar cube. Don’t be surprised if it just makes a face and walks away from you. And remember not to bring a cake to celebrate World Cat Day with your feline friend because it might not like it much!

Every cat has a unique nose print
Just like human fingerprints, every cat has a unique pattern of ridges and bumps on its nose. Curious? If you look at a cat’s nose using a magnifying glass, you will be surprised to find some patterns on it. These are so unique that no two cats have the same nose-prints. Interesting, right?

Cats spend three fourth of their life sleeping
Yes, you read that right. If a cat is 12 years old, it would have been awake for just four years of its life. Don’t be worried if you find your pet kittens sleeping a lot. This is not a sign of sickness or weakness because their body releases a growth hormone only when they are asleep. So, if you want your kitten to grow into a healthy and wise cat, just let it sleep.

Female cats are right pawed and males are left pawed
According to a study conducted at the Queen’s University in Belfast, cats have a paw preference (which paw to put forward while walking or scratching etc.) based on their gender. The researchers found that female cats are right pawed and males mostly use their left paws. Did anyone say, “Girls are always right!”. Cats seem to take it very seriously!

It’s not the taste but the smell that makes cats eat food
Unlike people, cats do not have so many taste receptors. So, the sense of smell is very vital for a cat. Interestingly, if a cat has some respiratory infection, the first symptom will be its lack of appetite. The best way to make your cat eat its food is to warm it lightly so that the cat is attracted by its aroma.

They can make around 100 vocal sounds
Unlike dogs, who can make only 10 vocal sounds, cats can make up to 100 vocal sounds. We all know about the various sounds like meows, purrs or gurgles that a cat is capable of making. But did you know that cats may have evolved their tone of voice to communicate with humans? At least, some researchers do.