Women sleep better with a dog in the bed, researchers say

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Dogs are magic.

Here’s yet another reason why dogs are the best pets and should be worshipped for their capabilities – it turns out that, if you’re a woman, your pooch could be the key to a good night’s sleep.

New findings by researchers at Cansius College, New York, showed that women who slept with a dog in their bed enjoyed a better quality of sleep, woke up earlier and felt safer.

The study, which had 926 adult female participants and was published in the Anthrozoös journal, also revealed that pups beat out both cats and people in helping women snooze.

In fact, it was found that sharing a bed with felines was just as disruptive as sleeping next to a human, and owners felt less comfort when doing so.

Meanwhile, cuddling up under the covers with Fido made owners feel secure and comfortable, as well as encouraged them to wake up earlier, compared to when they slept without a pet or next to a cat.

Admittedly, researchers said this could be due to how owners perceive their pets and the findings needs further input.

‘Dog ownership and its associated responsibilities may cause individuals to adhere to a stricter routine,’ researchers told the New York Post .

‘Keeping to a consistent sleep schedule may be beneficial to dog owners.’

Sorry cat people, the battle is over and the dogs won.