Woman's Best Friend Project shows bond between dogs, women

The book also features the bond between a woman named Hannah and her dog, Owen. Hannah was consumed by grief after the death of her mother when she decided the mixed-breed dog rescued from a "deep, dark hole" in Puerto Rico.“They found each other and were able to really bring each other out of that darkness and out of that hole,” Kidd said. “I felt that was such a beautiful and strong visual of resilience — the resilience of pets, and also the resilience of humans and the resilience that they can experience together when they have each other in their lives.”
Owen helped Hannah cope with the death of her mother.Courtesy of Kristen Kidd Photography
The stories in Woman’s Best Friend Project are not just inspiring — they also help dogs. Kidd donates 100% of the proceeds from the books to animal rescue organizations in Pennsylvania.The first volume, released in 2019, raised over $7,000 for Harley’s Haven Dog Rescue. The second book raised over $10,000 for Brandywine Valley SPCA — which happens to run the shelter where Hannah met Owen.Proceeds from the third book will benefit Women’s Animal Center, a shelter founded by women in 1869. Kidd is accepting submissions via the project’s website from women who can share a time “when your furry best friend was there for you like no one else.”
The third volume of Woman's Best Friend Project will feature 50 women and their dogs, like Kristina and Gracie.Courtesy of Kristen Kidd Photography

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT YOUR PET: Scientists believe that the world’s first known dog lived 31,700 years ago. This prehistoric dog resembled a large Siberian Husky.

The Woman’s Best Friend Project has helped Kidd recognize the special bond she shares with her own rescue dogs, Hudson and Hermanito. They’ve helped buoy her during the pandemic with their unconditional love.