Woman won’t date a man without approval from her chihuahuas

pictures of a Woman who won't date a man without approval from her Chihuahuas
Iconic (Picture: jahnnalee/Mercury Press)
Jahnnalee Randall is by no means desperate to couple up, but she still knows what she wants in a potential partner. The 34-year-old is adamant that she could never date someone her beloved chihuahuas, Gizmo, 12, and Starleena, one, don’t approve of.

‘I don’t date much, I like to be alone,’ she explained.

‘But if I were to meet someone, the dogs would have to approve. If Gizmo didn’t like the person, there’s no way I could date them.

‘Dogs are smart and can pick up on everything. I would trust their intuition.’

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Gizmo and Starleena are never far from Jahnnalee, who has gifted her four-legged-friends a £30,000 wardrobe over the years.

Jahnalee, who lives in Los Angeles, US, said: ‘I have been told I need to get a man and have real kids, but the dogs are my children.

‘As a kid, fairytale movies never resonated with me but dog movies did.

‘I think it’s the cutest thing in the world seeing dogs dressed up.

‘Humans do it, so my furry kiddos should do it too.

‘I don’t want human kids, I like my furry kiddos.

‘I think dogs are so special, loving and loyal. Unfortunately, humans aren’t like that as much.

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‘I have also been called “undateable” but I choose not to be in a romantic relationship, it’s not the other way around.’

jahnnalee Randall 34,with Gizmo, 12, and Starleena, one
Queen (Picture: jahnnalee/Mercury Press)

Gizmo and Starleena not only have their own impressive clothing collection, but they also have their own room with a double bed, and they attend lessons too.

Jahnnalee said: ‘They have over 300 garments of clothing and 12 sets of shoes each – including two pairs of crocs.

‘I have spent about $40,000 on their wardrobe and accessories, but they only really wear clothes for shows or to go out.

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‘This also includes their mini dog theme park in the backyard which has blow-up water slides, bean bags, gazebos and blow up rainbows for them to enjoy.

‘They look like furry little humans, it’s the cutest.

Jahnnalee Randall, 34, with Gizmo
‘I choose not to be in a romantic relationship, it’s not the other way around’ (Picture: jahnnalee/Mercury Press)

‘They also love the attention they get when they’re dressed up.

‘Gizmo also has a miniature Lamborghini with his own number plate.

‘We also have matching clothes which we wear on stage during a stand-up comedy set.

‘It is like having a child and having to take them to their extracurricular lessons as they have stand-up, trick classes and auditions.

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‘Sometimes, they have four classes a week. But when they aren’t on stage, they are snoozing in their bag and treated like royalty.’

Gizmo, 12, and Starleena, one on Jahnnalee Randall's, 34, lap on a plane
They go everywhere together (Picture: jahnnalee/Mercury Press)

Jahnnalee said the trio go absolutely everywhere together.

‘I do bring them for walks but there’s always the option of a stroller,’ she explained, ‘especially for Gizmo who is old and has heart failure.

‘I was devastated but he has been fantastic since getting medication.

‘He was given nine months to a year to live in May 2021 but he is thriving.

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‘The shows and pampered lifestyle keep him going.

‘They really are my bundles of joy and they light up the room wherever they go.’

If you want to see more of the pampered pooches’ antics, you can follow @jahnnalee on Instagram.

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