Woman who dyes pet dog’s fur red hits back at trolls calling it ‘abuse’

Picture of Dandy the dog who is painted red on his own and with Chloe his owner
Chloe says Dandy loves the dying process (Picture: @dandythebigreddog/TikTok)
TikTok user Chloe regularly shares videos of her Great Pyrenees called Dandy, whose online handle is @danthebigreddog (just like Clifford).

However, a number of critical comments from viewers started to fill her her feed.

Many took offence that Chloe decided to dye Dandy’s mane red and thought it was dangerous for her pet.

One user commented: ‘You need that much attention you put your dog through the stress of dying his hair? So stupid.’

While another added: ‘Abuse.’ Now Chloe has had to make a video defending herself and Dandy and explaining why she made the decision. She said turning him red was originally only for Halloween but it looked so good they continued dying his fur.

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Dandy the big red dog pictured next to roses
Dandy is red to prevent him being stolen (Picture: @danthebigreddog)

‘He looks so adorable in red,’ she explained.

Another reason to keep him red was ‘to keep him from getting stolen. He’s a rare breed in my area.’

She added that Dandy enjoys the process of getting his fur dyed and that the vegan products used ‘make his fur shiny and soft.’

Owner Chloe and Dandy the big red dog pictured hugging
Chloe and Dandy looking relaxed and happy (Picture: @danthebigreddog)

‘Dan loves people and kids but he’s 130lbs so people would get scared of him,’ she added. ‘Now people don’t get scared of him! They only smile and ask to give him attention. He loves that.’

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In another video Chloe told followers that the products are completely safe. She uses the brand Opawz, which sells a dye designed especially for dog and horse hair.

‘Permanent colour lasts for more than 20 washes,’ the Opawz website reads.

‘For creative grooming competition and professional groomers use. Long-lasting permanent colour specially formulated for dog and horse.

‘Provides bright, fashionable and unique colour results.’

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