Woman spends thousands on pampered dachshund

Daisy the pampered pooch
(Picture: @littledaisydachshund/Caters)
Daisy the dachshund now has so many clothes, she’s had to take over her owner’s wardrobe. Natalie Sweetapple papers the four-year-old pooch and has spent over £1,000 on her clothes alone. But Natalie, from Queensland, Australia, says Daisy’s style has helped her become a hit on Instagram.

From fancy dresses, jumpers, boots and even puffer jackets, picture pawfect Daisy has it and is rarely seen without her designer clobber.

Primary school teacher, Natalie said: ‘Daisy is definitely spoilt, we take her to the groomers once a month to get her nails done and we swap her outfits and leads and harnesses each week.

‘We have ramps all over our house so she can get about easily and jump on the couches and bed, and she refuses to sleep on the floor, she has to sleep in our bed.

‘Since we started her Instagram page, I guess you could say that Daisy has become a doggy influencer.

Daisy with her wardrobe
Daisy with some of her clothes (Picture: @littledaisydachshund/Caters)

‘She works with a lot of brands on Instagram, they send her lots of free outfits and accessories such as leads, harnesses, hats and boots, and in return, she has to take pictures in them and post them on her Instagram.

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‘At first we just had a little ladder that we would hang Daisy’s stuff on, but her wardrobe has expanded so much recently that she has an entire cupboard in our room.’

Daisy has different outfits for events throughout the year for themed social media posts.

Natalie added: ‘She has costumes for all the different holidays, Halloween, Christmas, Valentines and Easter. Everything you could imagine.

‘She has beach outfits for when we take her down to the beach. She has hats and jumpers for when it is a bit cooler. Daisy also has lots of full outfit sets which can include skirts, tops and even boots to match.’

Daisy's wardrobe has taken over the spare room
The space Natalie has given up for Daisy (Picture: @littledaisydachshund/Caters)

And Natalie insists that Daisy likes wearing the clothes just as much as her owners.

‘She also has a selection of jackets, such as denim and puffer jackets. I think her puffer jackets are her favourite item to wear,’ she says.

Daisy in her hot dog costume
Daisy in a hot dog costume (Picture: @littledaisydachshund/Caters)

‘When it is cold it is like she actually asks us to put her puffer jacket on her to keep her warm. It is adorable.’

Although they bought a lot of the items, now she has over 36,000 followers, she often gets sent outfits to wear.

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Natalie said: ‘We regularly add to Daisy’s wardrobe but it is mainly thanks to her large Instagram following that she has been lucky enough to receive lots of gifts and really been able to grow her wardrobe.

‘By building her a wardrobe I can now organise all of her belongings, make it look aesthetically please and I can see her whole collection and visualise all of her outfits when deciding what she is going to wear.

‘She absolutely loves getting dressed up and taking pictures. She is a true doggy influencer.’

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