Woman shares hilarious adoption website for 'hellion' foster dog Hank

A Texas woman has dreamed up a creative way to help find her foster dog Hank his forever home.Christine Clauder recently launched a website called Please Adopt Hank to spread the word about the rambunctious pup, and its sassy messaging is causing quite a stir.
A closer look at Hank (a much closer look).Courtesy Christine Clauder
When you visit the site, you're greeted with a charming photo of Hank and a headline that reads, "Please adopt this hellion." The entire homepage is filled with snarky text about the hyper pup, like this hilarious line: "Trying to get this dog adopted has been like trying to find a Tickle-Me-Elmo during Christmas ’96."

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Clauder shared a gallery of endearing photos of Hank and added a pretty comedic caption: "When he's not being a destructive a------, he's actually pretty cute."
Hank is clearly full of energy!Courtesy Christine Clauder
So, what is Hank really like and how long ago did he burst into his foster mom's life? Clauder first stumbled upon the lively canine May 4 when she found him sitting in the middle of traffic in an industrial area of Houston."Hank was clearly a spirited dog from the moment he leaped into the car, expecting a fabulous new adventure and wanting to be best friends," she told TODAY over email. "Hank was malnourished, dirty, covered in fleas, and clearly mistreated in his life, but with lots of patience and attention (and baths), Hank started to shine like the star that he is."

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Hank is looking for his forever home.Courtesy Christine Clauder
After posting several "lost dog" posts with no response, Clauder reached out to the organization Friends for Life to sign the pup up for the group's foster program. After all, the timing wasn't exactly right for her to get another pet."We’d just had one of our pets pass the day before finding Hank, so we already knew that we weren’t ready to add another member to our family but of course, being an animal lover, I couldn’t just leave him," she explained.Clauder also has three other pets who are all seniors and aren't the best playmates for Hank, including a small, timid black mouth cur and a miniature pinscher named Sadie.

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"Hank adores Sadie. When he tries to play with her, she puts him in his place. Of course, this only encourages him to play harder and starts a cycle that makes us ALL crazy," she said.

Hank shares a moment with the family cat, Dorito.Courtesy Christine Clauder
The last pet in Clauder's family, a cat named Dorito, enjoys dogs but Hank has a hard time understanding that the cat isn't always in the mood to play.

"Poor Hank just needs a home with an active friend who actually wants to play with him and is physically capable of keeping up with his exuberance," she explained.

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If you've fallen for Hank, there's still time to sign up to adopt him.Courtesy Christine Clauder
Clauder estimates that Hank is just over a year old and she thinks he's a Siberian black mouth cur. Plenty of people have reached out to her about the adorable dog since she launched the website. The website has received mostly positive feedback so far, Clauder said."There are a few folks who don’t understand the approach or humor, but that’s OK. Hank is getting the attention he deserves, which only increases the chances of finding his perfect family," she said.

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The Friends for Life program is currently vetting applicants but they haven't made a decision yet, so there's still time to apply to adopt Hank if you're interested and willing to take on his huge personality.

"Hank is learning new tricks very quickly, so it’s clear that he’s a very intelligent dog. He plays so hard during the day that he sleeps like a log during the night!" Clauder said.