Woman selling glasses on Depop models them on her dog

Chubby the dog modelling designer glasses
Yes, we’ll take it all (Picture: lucyanderson339)

We humans find joy in buying weird and wonderful things for our pets almost as much as we love dressing them up.

Our cats and doggos just look so gosh-darned cute when they don human accessories.

Knowing this, one woman has gotten her dog to model things she’s looking to flog.

The seller offered her stuff on Depop – a mobile marketplace where you can buy and sell used goods. Her obedient four-legged friend, Chubby Watson, could be seen rocking Dolce and Gabbana glasses and a bunch of other chic spectacles.
Chubby is such a star that she has her own Instagram page.

And she rocks glasses in every single post.

Chubby the dog wearing tinted spectacles
Advertising done right (Picture: lucyanderson339)
Images of Chubby serving looks were shared by another woman, Lucy Anderson on Twitter who wrote: ‘This girl on Depop models glasses she’s selling on her dog. Iconic!’

Others too felt it was iconic, saying it was the ideal advertising method, a sure-fire way to be noticed by customers.

Others were very supportive of Chubby’s modelling career and said they’d be getting their pets involved in the game.
Chubby the dog in more glasses advertised on Depop
Please Chubby, shake our hands too (Picture: lucyanderson339)

‘Would buy just to support this doggo’s modelling career tbh,’ wrote one.

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Another said: ‘This girl is LIGHT YEARS ahead’ while another high-key relatable person wrote: ‘Reason no. 272828722992 of why I need a dog!!!!!!’

Some said that no one was ever going to do the glasses justice in the same way as Chubby: ‘But now nobody should want to buy them, because they’ll never look as good as they do on the dog. How can mere humans compare?’

Twitter also turned wholesome for once and users began sharing images of their own dogs showing off shades.

We imagine loads of Depop sellers will now start advertising with their dogs.

But we’re not complaining, not even a little bit.

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