Woman orders £9 wedding petticoat from Wish – but it only just fits her dog

Kaz and her dog in the petticoat
The petticoat didn’t fit Kaz, but it did fit her dog (Picture: SWNS)

A bride-to-be was disappointed after buying a size 16 petticoat skirt to wear under her wedding dress, only to find it was so small it fit her dog instead.

32-year-old Kaz Mainprize ordered the £9 underskirt from Wish to wear underneath her dress, but when it arrived she couldn’t even get it over one leg. Kaz tried it on on her Dobermann Zeus and then on her Staffy Marci, who it fitted perfectly. She took a photo of Marci in the petticoat, and sent it to Wish as part of her complaint which read: ‘Only just fits my dog! Supposed to be WOMENS!’
Kaz, from Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, who usually wears a size 12-14, said: ‘I was really annoyed at first.
A picture of Kaz
Kaz had ordered the skirt for £9 (Picture: SWNS)

‘I thought I would use the dogs as an example of just how small it was – and then I thought it was hilarious.’

Kaz ordered the skirt in November last year and it arrived a month later, for her upcoming wedding later this month.

The dog lover ordered the skirt in a 16 because the description online said to allow for extra room.

Kaz said: ‘I really like to be prepared and with my wedding looming I realised that I needed an underskirt for my wedding dress.

Use a carabiner to attach it to a belt loop for a long hike.

‘I had ordered a lot from Wish before and all of it had been great, so figured I’d order my skirt from there too.

‘After reading the description and reviews stating it comes up a little small, I ordered two sizes bigger than what I am so I was certain it would fit.

Marci in the petticoat
At least Marci has something to wear to the wedding (Picture: SWNS)

‘I unwrapped it and held it up, swore a little and then tried to get it over one of my thighs – but it wouldn’t even do up.

‘So I figured I would leave feedback that would prove just how small this skirt was to other sellers to save them wasting their money too.

‘I tried it on Zeus – but nope, too small for her, and then in walked Marci.

‘I popped it on her and it was just able to do up, so I took a picture and left my review on Wish. I also posted it on my Facebook and Instagram – people seemed to find it pretty amusing!’

After complaining, Kaz received a full refund and found a more suitable replacement on eBay – but hey, at least Marci has something to wear to the wedding.

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