Woman left confused after dachshund puppies blend into her 80s carpet

dachshund puppies on the carpet
Where did they go? (Picture: Caters)

Puppies can be hard work – there’s the feeding, cleaning and keeping them entertained.

But for one dog breeder, one of the most difficult jobs was just trying to find them in her living room.

Zoe Raw, from Somerset, was left utterly confused when she couldn’t see her adorable dachshund puppies.

The 39-year-old soon realised that her spotted brown pups had perfectly blended into her ‘outdated’ 80s carpet.

One of the puppies on the brown carpet
You can see how it could be a problem (Picture: Caters)
Zoe and her puppies
Zoe and her pups (Picture: Caters)
Zoe, who is the director of Rawsome Dachshunds, said: ‘We had just moved into the property, which has a unique style of interior. The carpet hadn’t been touched since the eighties.

‘One day, I turned around and I couldn’t see the two puppies playing.

‘They blended into the carpet – I couldn’t stop laughing and had to take a photo.

‘The brown spotty puppies were perfectly camouflaged.’

In fact, the similarity made it so difficult for the mum-of-three to locate her pooches, that she ended up having to bin the old-school carpet.

the puppies on the carpet
Too cute (Picture: Caters)
the brown puppies on the carpet
A perfect match (Picture: Caters)

She added: ‘I even considered keeping the carpet to create more content but I soon came to my senses and got rid of it.

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‘I shared the image online and people were having to double-take.’

Zoe welcomes around six litters a year – but these youngsters will no doubt be some of the most memorable.

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