Woman devastated after puppy dies from deadly canine virus

Puppy owner devastated after three-month-old Cocker Spaniel dies from deadly new canine virus MEN Media
Little Boo sadly didn’t make it (Picture: MEN Media)

A woman has spoken of her heartache after losing her three-month-old puppy to a deadly new canine virus spreading across the UK.

Fran Read’s young Cocker Spaniel Boo tragically died of Parvovirus after becoming seriously unwell earlier this month. Now, the heartbroken woman from East Yorkshire is urging dog owners to keep up with their pet’s vaccinations. ‘She was just too poorly to stay with me, but we had the best few weeks of love and cuddles,’ says Fran, who lives near Bridlington.

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Vets have reportedly seen a spike in cases of Parvovirus in dogs , which can result in serious illness and death.

Highly contagious, the virus spreads between dogs through their bodily fluids, including poo and vomit.

Boo had been to several vets’ appointments and overnight trips before the experts diagnosed her with the virus. Afterwards, her condition deteriorated rapidly, Fran adds.
Puppy owner devastated after three-month-old Cocker Spaniel dies from deadly new canine virus MEN Media
Symptoms include loss of appetite and foul-smelling diarrhoea (Picture: Yorks Live/MEN Media)

‘Her short life was happy and I loved her so much,’ she continues.

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Fran also has an older dog who was thankfully unaffected by the virus.

Aldgate Vets echoed calls to keep dogs’ jabs up to date. Also known as canine Parvovirus, or CPV, it’s a highly infectious disease affecting dogs. Sadly, most dogs who catch it will not be able recover, the experts at Aldgate have said.

The virus infects the cells lining the intestines, stopping absorption of nutrients, causing inflammation and death of the cells in the intestine. The inflammation of the gut allows bacteria to enter the blood and causes a secondary sepsis.

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Symptoms of Parvovirus include a loss of appetite, followed by diarrhoea which soon turns foul smelling and may contain blood.

Young puppies and dogs which haven’t been vaccinated or boosted are the most susceptible to Parvovirus.

Vets say any dog can be vaccinated from the age of six weeks, and until then to keep them at home and away from other dogs. This is followed by a top-up at 16 to 18 weeks, a booster at one year old and boosters every three years after that. Vaccination is the best way to prevent your dog picking up the disease.

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Anyone getting a new puppy should also ask for proof of vaccination from the breeder, Aldgate Vets said.

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