Woman buys matching wedding dress for her dog to walk her down the aisle

Bride creates matching dresses for her dogs
(Picture: @baileythehousehippo)

If you’re getting married, you probably want all the special people in your life by your side.

Jennifer Hindieh knew that she wanted her family and friends – but she also wanted her dog Bailey to be right there with her.

Jennifer and her then boyfriend, now fiance adopted Bailey from the North Hempsted Animal Shelter in New York when she was five months old.

When they got engaged last October, they knew they wanted her to be as involved in their big day as possible.

Jennifer decided to walk down the aisle with Bailey and her dad, so when she was choosing a dress, she realised her pet would need something to wear too.

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(Picture: @baileythehousehippo)

She looked online and found CocoAndBushkaCouture, who make dresses for dogs.

Jennifer picked out a white dress with ruffle skirt and diamante detail for Bailey to wear to the wedding in September.

Love your pet. You are your pet’s favorite thing in the whole world. He craves your love, attention and care. So show him the love and devotion he shows you!

She posted a picture online and said: ‘Her dress is fancier than mine. Now all she needs to remember is not to jump on dad when she gets down the aisle.’

Jennifer told The Dodo: ‘I decided to get her a dress because honestly, she is my family, my baby and our life with her is what makes every day so special.

‘I don’t know if I can ever have kids, but for me, she’s like my kid.’

Apparently they’re getting her a mini dog wedding cake too to make the day just as special for her as it is for them.

Bailey, you look beautiful.