Woman builds her beloved dog an igloo every year when it snows

pictures of a dog who loves the snow chilling in an igloo
Ice queen (Picture: @ t.m_kuu0509 / Caters News)
A woman has shared how she builds her elderly Shiba Inu an igloo to chill out in every winter because her dog loves the snow so much. Toshimi Miura, from Aomori, Japan, has had Kuu since the dog was just a puppy. ‘I have had Kuu since she was three months old,’ recalled Toshimi, ‘and I have loved her ever since.’

The pair have an adorable tradition that sees 14-year-old Kuu get her very own igloo each year when the snow comes.

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The white pooch loves to hang out in her little frozen houses, with Toshimi’s friends saying Kuu looks like a polar bear.

‘Kuu loves playing various games in the snow,’ said Toshimi.

‘I make an igloo for her every year and people say that she looks like a polar bear when she is sat inside of it.’

A clip shows cute little Kuu sitting calmly on a blanket in the snow, wearing a jacket to keep her warm.

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 Kuu the Shiba Inu out in the igloo
Just chillin’ (Picture: @ t.m_kuu0509 / Caters News)
 Kuu the Shiba Inu out in the igloo
‘Kuu loves playing in the snow’ (Picture: @ t.m_kuu0509 / Caters News)

The curved walls of the igloo stand taller than her and it has what appears to be candles nestled along the top – chic.

‘I have also dressed her up as a panda and taken pictures of her inside the igloo,’ Toshimi said, ‘which was adorable.’

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