Wobbly puppy with a degenerative condition needs to find a forever home

pictures of a Wobbly dog who needs a home
Earth angel (Picture: South East Dog Rescue)
This is Luna, a Staffy cross who desperately wants to find a home. The pup is less than a year old, and loves people, with a video posted on the South East Dog Rescue’s TikTok page saying she’s ‘never shown any type of aggression’.

She was handed over to the rescue at the end of July due to a relationship breakdown for her ten-owner.

Luna has what’s referred to as wobblers, which is a catch-all term for a range of conditions that affect the spine of large dogs and causes them to wobble around.

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The condition is degenerative, therefore potential adopters should be aware that it will likely get worse as she gets older and limit her lifespan.

For the time being, little Luna has no idea that she’s different from any other dogs, and she loves going for walks.

Luna is currently with a foster home, but they aren’t able to care for her long term, so she may end up back in kennels if a foster or forever home isn’t found for her soon.

This sweet girl can live with kids over the age of 10 – owing to her large size and boisterous nature. She likes to jump up at people, but, as the shelter’s website reads, ‘it is done with so much love’.

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What a cutie (Picture: South East Dog Rescue)
She’s house-trained, but still young so may need more training on that front (Picture: South East Dog Rescue)

She’s spent time with another dog in her foster home so, provided they have a few meet-ups to ensure they get along, she could go to a home with a dog sibling.

While she loves being around people and would prefer a home in which she has company much of the time, she’s shown that she can be left alone for short periods.

Can you give her a home? (Picture: South East Dog Rescue)

The team at the rescue considered getting Luna surgery for her condition, but she would need to be on crate rest for months during recovery and the extent to which Luna hates being in the crate is extreme.

basic obedience training

She’ll even do herself an injury to avoid being put into one, so, after much consideration, staff took that option off the table.

Vets also think there’s a chance her sight could be less than 100%, but her hearing is very sharp and sudden loud noises frighten her.

Her condition means Luna will need a house that suits her physical needs too.

For example, she can climb stairs, but she can’t get down them, so you’ll need to put a baby gate up.

She also slips over easily and bumps into things due to her wobble, so having a lot of open space is ‘a must’.

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If you’re an experienced dog owner and you think you can give Luna the home she needs, you can go to the South East Dog Rescue website for more information.

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