‘Wobbly’ disabled goldendoodle is living his best life travelling the USA

He might be a bit wobbly, but that hasn’t stopped goldendoodle Josh from hitting the trail with his owners. The two-year-old pup has a disability called Cerebellar hypoplasia, a neurological condition that affects his walking, and can mean he has a bit of a ‘bobble head’ when walking. It’s often known as wobbly animal syndrome, and is seen in cats and dogs most commonly. Although it’s not curable, his owners Kim Elliott, 39, and her husband, Andrew Hangartner, 35, are determined to make sure it doesn’t affect his life, buying him a wheelchair so he can go where they go.
The Arizona pair fostered Josh after seeing a call from a local rescue centre, and say they weren’t fazed by the extra needs he might have.

‘I had tonnes of fostering experience but none with special needs, so I knew Josh would be a new challenge,’ says Kim.

A disabled Goldendoodle has been caught living his best life thanks to his wheelchair
The fluffiest boy (Picture: CATERS UK)

‘I didn’t even care that he had a disability though; I just felt it in my heart that this opportunity was meant for us,’ she continues. ‘But I was scared and overwhelmed as I had no clue how to care for him, but I just went for it anyway and I’m so glad I did.’

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Now, the golden retriever/poodle mix happily goes camping, hiking, and on trips with Kim and Andrew to beaches and lakes around the US.
A disabled Goldendoodle has been caught living his best life thanks to his wheelchair
Josh has a special carry bag (Picture: CATERS UK)

Kim adds, ‘He’s perfectly healthy as his mobility challenges come from the bad wiring in his brain, not his joints – he isn’t in any pain.

‘Josh never shows signs of frustration and he’s pretty much happy all the time. He loves all people, all dogs, cats, kids, birds, he’s very outgoing and confident.

‘The most important thing that Josh has taught me is to be grateful for everything that I have and to celebrate my life despite any challenges that I face. We wouldn’t change him for the world.’

Cuteness overload.

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