Winnie the ‘wonky’ bulldog is learning to walk thanks to swimming lessons

Winnie swimming
Little Winnie is having swimming lessons (Picture: SWNS)

A ‘wonky’ puppy with bowed legs is looking for her forever home after her previous owners gave her up because of her collapsing legs.

Winnie, an 18-week-old American Bulldog, was diagnosed with a disease that stunted her development and meant her limbs couldn’t properly support her weight.

However, she may soon be able to walk again as she’s been having swimming lessons to help her tendons develop.

An animal support worker from the RSPCA, Kathy Butler, said: ‘When Winnie arrived she had severe knuckling on her forelimbs which left her legs collapsing under her weight.
Winnie cuddling a toy
Her family abandoned her because she kept collapsing (Picture: SWNS)

‘She thankfully wasn’t in any pain but needed urgent help.’

A specialist referral clinic diagnosed Winnie with a developmental disease of the carpus – which is the wrist between the paw and leg.

The disease means the ligaments or tendons do not form properly and cannot support the joint.

Kathy said: ‘The clinic gave us a treatment plan and Winnie started hydrotherapy and physiotherapy immediately. ‘Hydrotherapy has transformed Winnie’s life and helped us to save money which we can now use for other animals in need.’

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Winnie swimming
She’s now learning to swim and getting stronger every day (Picture: SWNS)

The hydro pool where Winnie has been swimming has even agreed to provide the pup with hydrotherapy completely free of charge for as long as she needs it.

Winnnie was dropped off at the RSPCA branch in Essex at just nine-weeks-old after her owner couldn’t deal with her collapsing legs. Now, she’s looking for a new home with a loving family – but it must be based in Essex. Kathy added: ‘We’d now really like to find Winnie a paw-fect forever home in Essex so Winnie can continue her hydro sessions at Completely K9.’

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