Will Noodle the pug have a ‘bones’ or ‘no bones’ day on TODAY? Vote in our poll

Noodle the pug is returning to TODAY .The canine TikTok star and his owner, Jonathan Graziano, will drop by Studio 1A on Wednesday to talk about their new children’s book, "Noodle and the No Bones Day." Naturally, fans will want to know if Noodle will be having a "bones" or a "no bones" day on Wednesday — and that's determined, of course, by whether or not the senior pooch stands by himself when Graziano lifts him in his doggy bed (bones) or lazily flops over and continues to rest (no bones).

Watching Noodle's morning ritual became something of a TikTok sensation last year with fans tuning in to to see if Noodle's day would be filled with, say, adventurous walks around the neighborhood — or more mellow fun like gentle belly rubs and naps.

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“Noodle and the No Bones Day,” available June 7, shows how Noodle and Graziano navigate both "bones" days and "no bones" days as an example for kids (and the rest of us) that it’s OK not to feel your peppy best all of the time.

It's important to keep in mind that a "no bones" day is nothing to be disappointed by, Graziano explained when he and Noodle first visited TODAY last October.

“A 'bones' day is a day where you just have to go after your ambition or a task you were outing off. A 'no bones' day is a day when you just permission to wear soft clothes, self-care, take a bath,” he said.

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So knowing that both "bones" days and "no bones" days are winners in Noodle's book, what kind of day do you predict Noodle will have when he visits TODAY? Tune in and find out!

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