Wild sheep rescued in Australia shorn of 75 pounds of wool

A wild and ailing sheep found in a forest in Australia, named Baarack by rescuers, has yielded a fleece weighing more than 75 pounds - nearly half the weight of an adult kangaroo - after being shorn for the first time in years.The sheep was found by a member of the public who contacted the Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary near Lancefield, Victoria, about 40 miles north of Melbourne, according to the Mission’s Kyle Behrend.
Baarack after his epic haircutEdgar's Mission Inc/ Reuters
“It would appear Baarack was once an owned sheep,” said Behrend. “He had at one time been ear-tagged, however these appear to have been torn out by the thick matted fleece around his face.

“Sheep need to be shorn at least annually otherwise the fleece continues to grow and grow, as happened here,” said Behrend.

After his much-needed shearing, Behrend said Baarack’s fleece weighed in at 35.4 kilogrammes (or about 78 pounds).

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Whilst his hooves were in great condition from running over the rocks in the forest, he was in a bit of a bad way," Behrend said. "He was underweight, and due to all of the wool around his face he could barely see.”
Rescuers said the poor animal could barely see. Edgar's Mission Inc/ Reuters
Baarack is now settling in with other rescued sheep at Edgar’s Mission, Behrend said, adding it “all goes to show what incredibly resilient and brave animals sheep really are and we could not love them any more if we tried."

Baarack the rescue sheep gets long-overdue shearing