Wiggle India: Of pet sanitisers, probiotics and vitamin treats

The pandemic has shot up the demand for masks, sanitisers, immunity-boosting edibles all across the world - not just for humans, but pets too! Pet care brand Wiggle India, for example, recently launched alcohol-free sanitizers for pets, following a large number of requests for such a product from pet parents. “Our pet sanitizer has zero alcohol and kills 99.9% germs instantly. We wanted to ensure that all pets receive the same kind of protection as humans. However, human sanitisers contain alcohol which is unsafe for pets while ours is alcohol-free," says Anushka Iyer, CEO and Founder, Wiggles.in, adding, "Our sanitiser also calms the pet through aromatherapy. Our first batch sold out in days."
Similarly, Heads up For Tail, another pet care company, has come up with water-based sanitiser for pet paws and their coat, made up of three ingredients i.e H2O, salt, and HOCl (Stabilised Hypochlorous). The company states, "In this pandemic era, everyone is being all the more careful about maintaining hygiene and many of us have made it a habit to carry a bottle of sanitiser with us. Over the last few months, we have noticed a growing need among pet parents for a similar pet-safe solution that can effectively kill germs that pets may pick up on their outings.The Fresh Paws Sanitizer for Pets is exactly this. It gives you a safe, natural, and convenient way to kill germs on your pet's paws and body. It is suitable for all skin types (dogs, cats, rabbit, hamster, guinea pig, birds), has no chemicals like ammonia, dyes, synthetic fragrances, etc."

Meanwhile, Kolkata-based Shantanu Nag, who supplies pet care products to retail stores in the city, says, “I sold over 1,700 units of pet masks last months. The demand is so high, I have to pre-order them. People don't mind shelling out `800-1,000 for them, as they want their pets to be safe.” At the same time, 'immunity-boosting treats' are also very popular now.
“Treats with ingredients like hemp seed oil, prebiotics, honey, ashwagandha, sea buckthorn pulp, and omega 3,6, 7 & 9 fatty acids selling like hot cakes,” Anusha says.
Do pets really need sanitisers? Vets weigh in
"Sanitisers kill bacteria and there are a certain amount of bacteria that is healthy for pets' coats. if chemicals are used to clean them, then that might lead to problems," says veterinarian Dr Jeya Bharath, adding "If the ingredients are natural and organic, then it shouldn't be a problem. At the same time, these products are not required in the case of pets, who cannot carry the infection. People are just doing it for their own satisfaction!"

According to the International Organization for Animal Health, though there have been few cases of animals being infected, it has emphatically stated that "the pandemic is driven by human to human transmission" i.e. there is little chances of one getting the disease from their pets.

As for 'immunity-boosting treats' veterinarian Sunaina Kher says people focusing on homemade pet food and adding probiotics to their pets' diet isn't necessarily a bad trend. “Just like humans, pets diets should be kept on track, and they should get enough exercise, to stay fit and healthy,” she adds. However, experts suggest focusing away from pet fad food, and feeding them a balanced diet.

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