Why do cats sleep so much?

Cat parents or not, all of us know that cats can sleep a lot in a day. Sometimes we even wish to have a life of cat where we sleep for most of the day. But unfortunately, that's never going to turn true for us humans. If you are a cat parent, you might be accustomed to a few more cat behaviours than others who don't own a cat. But have you ever wondered why cats sleep so much?
Cats seem genetically programmed to sleep. They can sleep as much as 16 hours a day and older cats can sleep for more than 18-20 hours of a day. Crazy to even think of this, right?

Here's what you need to know about why cats sleep so much: Sleeping helps cats conserve energy, however, they aren't "sleeping" as much as you think. Sleeping, snoozing or resting their eyes - all of which look alike. About 75% of a cat's sleeping time is in "light sleep". They are easily awakened when they need to be. Like in cases where they need to protect themselves or take advantage of a meal. You can easily distinguish when a cat is in light sleep or deep sleep. Their ears start to twitch and respond to sound even when their eyes are shut, this is when they are in light sleep. Cats are very much capable of sleeping when they are in a sitting position. About 25% of their sleep time is spent in a very deep sleep. Older cats sleep deeply as much as 40% of the time.
Sleep behaviour: It is quite common for cats to snore when they are sleeping. Some cats cover their eyes and in a few minutes, they start to snore in deep sleep. You might have even noticed cats running in their sleep and use voices as they dream. All of these sleep behaviours are very normal and it is essential to be familiar with these behaviours of cats. Changes in sleep habits can also be associated with various factors, but you must consult a veterinarian for your cat's annual physical evaluation.

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