What Type of Dog Parent Are You?

What Kind of Dog Parent Are You?

Have you ever stopped to think about how you “raise” your dog? The way we care for our pups is similar to how we bring up our human kids, because a pet is very much part of the family dynamic.

We’ve crafted a fun flowchart to help you figure out your dog parenting style. Are you a helicopter dog dad or dog mom? Are you a super laid-back parent? Perhaps you’re a bit of both.

Discover What Type of Dog Parent You Are

Let’s delve deeper to learn about each type of pet parent and what pet products might suit their style.

The Trendy Parent

Keeping up-to-date on the newest gadgets, fashions and cultural trends is part of your everyday life. You’re always the first to try something new, so why wouldn’t you include your four-legged pup in on the trends?

For trendy dog dads and moms, that means picking up all the hottest tech gadgets available for your pup, like the Wi-Fi-enabled PetSafe automatic pet feeder for iPhone and Android, which allows you to feed your canine from any location.

When it comes to fashion, you’re always dressed to impress in the hottest looks of the season. Make sure your dog is equally stylin’ by accessorizing with Blueberry Pet spring prints dog collar, which features flamingo or ladybug designs. It just might make the dog park crew green with envy.

While showing off your pup’s brand new collar at the park, have a ball by taking the iFetch mini automatic ball launcher dog toy with you. And don’t forget to capture it all on camera so you can share the photos on social media. (If you don’t post it on Instagram, did it even happen?) Get your dog to actually look at the camera by using the Pooch Selfie, the original dog selfie stick smartphone attachment, which comes with a squeaking, tennis-ball-shaped accessory that snaps onto the top of your smartphone to help keep your pet’s attention while you snap photos to share.

Help your pet be as active as nature intended. Exercise and play time are necessary for your pet’s mental and physical well-being. If you don’t give your dog opportunities to be physically active, or if you don’t encourage exercise for your kitty and find ways to make it happen, you may well end up with a bored, destructive, overweight pet whose health will spiral downward throughout her lifetime.

The Helicopter Parent

You love your dog like your own offspring, and you want the best for her. Some might call you overprotective, but they just don’t understand the bond you have with your canine kid.

Lucky for you, there are plenty ways to coddle and protect your precious pup. The Canary Wi-Fi pet camera allows you to keep a keen eye on your dog when you’re away from home. The wide-angle lens records and streams HD video and audio with automatic night vision. Once you download the mobile app and link the camera to your Wi-Fi connection you can see what your dog is up to.

If your dog is a door dasher (he bolts out every open door), then the Whistle 3 GPS tracker and activity monitor is your best bet to keep tabs on your sprinter. Simply connect the tracker to your pet’s collar and you can track his location from your smartphone.

If you’re worried about your pup on car drives, the Kurgo true-fit smart harness with steel nesting buckles is a crash-tested car harness for dogs to help keep them safe in automobiles. This is one safety option for any helicopter dog dad or mom who wants to ensure their pup is buckled up at all times.

Also, if your pooch is up for a swim, any helicopter parent worth their salt knows that a flotation device, such as the Frisco dog life jacket with thick foam panels for greater buoyancy, is the way to go to help keep your pup safe in the water.

The Neat Freak Parent

While you love your pet, you also love a clean, organized and tidy home. Having a comprehensive stash of pet cleaning products allows you to keep your pup close and your couch spotless!

Help fight smelly odors with Skout’s Honor Professional Strength Odor Eliminator, an eco-friendly, odor-eliminating spray formulated to get smelly dog and urine smells out of anything in your home.

For your floors, Bissell Symphony Pet All-in-One Vacuum & Steam Mop combines steam cleaning power and a vacuum in one unit, making it easier to steam clean your floors and suck up any pesky dog hair.

To prevent that hair from hitting the floor to begin with, Neat Freak dog moms and dads might enjoy the FURminator deShedding edge dog brush. It features a stainless-steel edge designed to reache through your dog’s topcoat to easily and safely remove loose hair from the undercoat.

When it comes to chow time, the Gamma2 Vittles Vault stackable pet food storage will help you store your kibble and keep it fresh—and not all over your floor.

basic puppy socialization

If your dog is a chewer and you want to keep your couch legs safe, try the Star Mark treat dispensing chew ball. Soft and durable, these dog toys will help keep your pet mentally stimulated and provide a safe chewing outlet.

The Super Parent

To the super parent, your dog is more than just a pet, she’s a full-fledged member of the family. As such, her health, comfort and enrichment are of the utmost importance.

To keep your canine well-fed, Tylee’s Human-Grade beef recipe frozen dog food is like serving your dog a homemade meal because it consists of real meat, fruits and vegetables; simply defrost and serve.

Keep your pup’s brain sharp with the Outward Hound Dog Brick interactive dog toy. You hide little treats inside sliding discs, and then watch—and be impressed—as your talented doggo searches for treats using his wits, nose and paw.

To promote your fur baby’s well-being, Solid Gold SeaMeal supplements are a must for any “super parent” as these supplements are formulated to enhance your dog’s skin, coat, digestive and immune health.

The Active Parent

Active parents enjoy being outside and going on adventurous with their dog. There is no terrain that’s off-limits and that means picking up the necessarily dog supplies for your journey.

With matching vests (your dog in the Frisco Dog fleece vest), you and your pup can head to the dog park and take a nice brisk walk outside. While at the park, bring the Chuck-it classic launcher where you easily can launch tennis balls for your dog to fetch, which will help keep her lively and running around for hours.

Ultimately, every active dog dad and mom knows that to keep your canine’s energy up, wholesome nutrition is essential. Instinct by Nature’s Variety original grain-free recipe with real chicken dry dog food is balanced with nourishing chicken, vegetables, probiotics, omegas and antioxidants.

Also, Stella’s super beef dinner patties freeze-dried raw dog food consists of ingredients your dog would crave in the wild: grass-fed beef and organic fruits and vegetables. All these essentials help replenish your dog’s stomach from all that activity!

Because your dog travels with you nearly everywhere you go, a must-have is the Frisco quilted water resistant hammock dog car seat cover to help ensure your wanderlust pup can be comfortable wherever the ride takes you.

No matter what your pet parenting style is, at the end of the day it’s all about the companionship and love! Be sure to share this flowchart with the other dog moms and dog dads in your circle and see how you compare.

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By: Katrina Rossos

Featured Image: iStock.com/yasuo namba