What is Channel 4's Celebrity Snoop Dogs about and when does it start?

Go-Pro Camera and Pug
Follow some four-legged friends through a famous person’s home this Friday. What else do you have to do? (Picture: Channel 4)

Necessity is the mother of creation – and with so much put on paws – sorry, pause – because of coronavirus , TV chiefs had to think creatively.

Channel 4’s new show could be the perfect example of resourceful thinking – a TV programme that combines snooping around rich people’s homes and man’s best friend. Celebrity Snoop Dogs on Channel 4 starts soon, but what is it about exactly and when does it start?

What is Celebrity Snoop Dogs about?

The premise of the show is simple – you follow a dog around a celebrity’s house and try to guess whose house it is.

Go-Pros (small cameras) are strapped to the backs of famous people’s pet pooches and, each episode, viewers will get a dogs-eye view of a different celeb’s home.

The dogs will show us upstairs and downstairs, under the beds, in the garden and behind the sofas – perfect for those who love to see how the other half live.

The show is narrated by Grand Designs’ Kevin McCloud who recently seemingly explained his rationale with a simple tweet, writing: ‘Look, I just like dogs, ok?’

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That is OK with us, Kevin. Speaking about developing the new show during coronavirus, creator Jamie Wightman told the Guardian: ‘There have been a lot of technical challenges.

Look, I just like dogs, ok?

— Kevin McCloud (@Kevin_McCloud)

‘First of all, we have to perform some sort of location reccy via video so we can determine where we want to put the cameras. Then we have to coach the homeowner on how to position the cameras and rig the animals.’

But he is confident what they have delivered is much more than a gimmick.

He said: ‘If it does the job, people will hopefully love it regardless of the fact that it was filmed under these restraints’ and went on to express hopes that the show, filmed in the UK for now, will expand into including global celebrities.

‘I would love to have had a nosey around Snoop Dogg’s house,’ joked Wightman. ‘Maybe next series.’

When does Celebrity Snoop Dogs start?

The pawsome new show begins at 8:30pm tonight, Friday 26 June, on Channel 4.

There are four episodes for the first series, with each one airing at the same time for the next few Fridays.

Celebrity Snoop Dogs starts Friday 26 June, 8.30pm on Channel 4.

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