Wetherspoon bans dogs from all its pubs and hotels nationwide

It’s a sad time for dogs (Picture: Stuart Heath/CC)

Your canine companion is no longer welcome in ‘Spoons.

It’s the home of the comfortingly cheap full English, the classic Curry Club and the place where you can start downing pints at 9am in a completely judgement-free atmosphere but dogs are going to be banned in Wetherspoon pubs and hotels across the country.

JD Wetherspoon will be strictly enforcing their no dogs rule across almost 1,000 pubs by 10 September.

According to Wetherspoon, a policy of not allowing dogs in their pubs or outdoor gardens has been in place since 1979, but ‘a few exceptions’ have been allowed.

After ‘much consultation’, they’re going to be cracking down on all dogs in their establishments (except for assistance animals like guide dogs).

A Wetherspoon spokesperson told Metro.co.uk that the beloved pub chain had come to their decision because ‘even well behaved dogs can be unpredictable’.

And the company is not one to do things by halves:

‘Every dog owner thinks their dog is perfect,’ the spokesperson wrote.

‘We welcome a lot of children and families (younger children in particular can be unpredictable around dogs and many are scared of dogs) and we serve a lot of food.’

The ‘Spoons website confirms that they are still ‘fond of dogs’, despite the ban.

It remains to be seen whether the popular pub chain will lose out on business because of the new rules.

It might make dog owners think twice about choosing the ubiquitous chain for their lunchtime burger and chips or Friday night pints.