Weatherman Paul Dellegatto's dog interrupt at-home forecast

You think working at home with kids is tough? Try doing it with pets!

Paul Dellegatto, a chief meteorologist for FOX 13 in Tampa Bay, was doing the forecast from his home earlier this month when his dog , Brody, interrupted him and sent tails wagging with antics that show being on the clock from the comfort of your own house is no walk in the bark.Brody first "whacked the computer with his head," hampering Dellegatto’s ability to show any weather maps.

“Let me just verbalize the forecast,” he said before calmly chastising the animal. “That wasn’t very smart.”

Brody certainly didn't make Dellegatto's job any easier.FOX
Dellegatto, who has a framed picture of Brody on his desk, then got into the nuts and bolts of what viewers can expect from the weather while he pet the pooch.
“Didn’t mean to keep you up,” he said in a deadpan voice when Brody yawned. “Next time, buddy, we’re going to eat after this.”

Brody remained in the spotlight when Dellegatto teased his appearance later in the newscast. The dog became focused on the cameraman situated outside the window on the porch.

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“Don’t take this the wrong way, Paul, but this is amazing and great,” anchor Linda Hurtado said.

“That’s not good,” Dellegatto said while Brody continued to look at the window.

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The clip ended with Brody sticking his schnoz in Dellegatto’s computer, proving that while dogs may be man’s best friend, they may also be productivity’s worst enemy.

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