We pensioners can’t strike but we can revolt

Why can’t MPs just stage a mass sit-in in the Commons (Cross-party politicians call for an alternative parliament to fight no-deal Brexit, Letters , 31 August)?Pam LunnKenilworth, Warwickshire • I’ve ruled out a revolution because they always end in bloodshed and tyranny so the only answer is a general strike. If parliament refuses to operate then so must everyone else. It’s a bit of a problem for us pensioners though.Brenda EdwardsGrange-over-Sands, Cumbria • As a student in the 60s I worked at Fletcher’s Bakery in Sheffield during the holidays, a nine-mile cycle ride away. During my short break I was able to check the delivery vans and on most occasions they did have cakes and pies left over from the previous deliveries. I confess to not being able to resist the temptation (Letters , 29 August). Their custard tarts made the long ride a little more acceptable.Michael WhiteTillington, Herefordshire • Cleaning company van seen in Kidderminster stating, “No dusters are left in this vehicle overnight”.David CollinsKidderminster, Worcestershire
• As G2’s Pet corner (30 August) identified Jean-Jacques Rousseau as the owner of a dog named Sultan, was he not dissimulating when he identified himself as a solitary walker?Ed LilleyBristol • Our border collie, Jess, is not vegan (Give your dog a plant-based bone , 31 August), but is very happy scrumping under our apple and pear trees. She has even been known to pick pears from low-hanging branches!Simon BeesonSway, HampshireJoin the debate – email [email protected] • Read more Guardian letters – click here to visit gu.com/letters

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