Waterloo Dog who caused chaos for commuters is found safe and well

A dog who brought one of London’s biggest commuter stations to a standstill after running riot on the train tracks has been safely rescued. Train passengers stuck at Waterloo on Thursday were dumbfounded to discover the reason for their delay was due to a man chasing after the dog along electrified tracks.

Angry travellers were stuck from 7pm late into the night after power lines were turned off for the pair’s safety.

Many complained of being left on sweltering carriages with no air conditioning amid the scorching heatwave as they waited for the dog and the man to be tracked down.

Luckily, the dog was safely recovered on Friday morning and offered a ‘premium’ cup of Costa Coffee water, said South Western Railway.

⚠️ *UPDATE 26/07* The dog on the track at Waterloo has been safely rescued and is enjoying a cup of premium water after this morning's game of hide and seek! pic.twitter.com/HQJsu4WBjr

— SWR Help (@SW_Help)

It tweeted: ‘*UPDATE 26/07* The dog on the track at Waterloo has been safely rescued and is enjoying a cup of premium water after this morning’s game of hide and seek!’

British Transport Police said the man, 33, of Brentwood, Essex was also uninjured after the dangerous incident.

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Officers are reviewing whether he will face prosecution for trespass and obstructing the railway.

Despite the light-hearted tweet reassuring those concerned that the dog had emerged unscathed, many whose travel plans were heavily disrupted last night did not see the funny side.

One twitter user wrote: ‘Jesus. you need someone with a better sense of humour-timing to manage your twitter account. given hours of delays in non ac trains less than 24 hours prior, this is just in pathetic taste.’
Waterloo trains suspended due to man chasing dog
Commuters were stuck for hours at Waterloo (Picture: Twitter/WilliamLaven2)
Waterloo trains suspended due to man chasing dog
Travellers were shocked to discover that a dog running riot on the tracks was the reason for the delay (Picture: Twitter/gordonjb)

Another said: ‘4 hours of delays last night and this morning, in searing heat without aircon, thousands of people inconvenience and you are tweeting this as banter????? [sic]’

A social media user added: ‘On a morning where, yet ago, you are still having big problems and more delays this is just a sick post to see posted by you, but it shows the disdain you have for your customers [sic].’

But some defended the presumed owner, with one saying: ‘She didn’t know the disruption she caused. Most owners wouldn’t hesitate to run out of instinct to save their pets, not good but at least everyone is safe!’

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Another said: ‘Delighted the dog has been found safe and sound’.

South Western Railway responded to the social media users apologising for the delays.

a man on the railway tracks outside Waterloo station, London, looking for his dog.
And a man determined to get the pet back (Picture: @benburns01/PA)

A British Transport Police spokesman said: ‘BTP were called to Waterloo station at 6.51pm last night following reports of a man trespassing while chasing after his dog on the tracks.

‘Officers quickly attended and a 33-year-old man from Brentwood was interviewed under caution. He has been reported for consideration of prosecution for trespass and obstructing the railway.

‘Trespassing on the railway is incredibly dangerous but thankfully, the man did not suffer any injuries. The dog was also recovered from the tracks.’