Watch this cat say 'well hi!' like a perfect Southern gentleman

Gambino is really talkative…for a cat !A video his human mom happened to record of him saying “well hi!” like a perfect Southern gentleman is going absolutely viral, and we can’t stop watching it.Gambino’s human — who asked to only be identified by her first name, Tawny — said he’s a very talkative cat but only seems to make noises that sound like “mom” or “well hi!”

“He does a lot of chatting,” she explained, though he doesn’t speak to the other cat, Tom Petty. “They don’t talk to each other, just to me and my husband."
She thought Gambino’s Southern-style greeting was funny so she posted the video on her personal page. Her friends thought it was cute and Tawny ended up putting the video on Tik Tok, where it got more than 1.4 million likes!

“Gambino. my southern gentleman,” she wrote.

She said most of the reaction she’s gotten has been positive, with some people asking about Gambino’s life story and others wanting to know what’s on his collar — a tracker for when he gets outside, for those wondering.

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Both Gambino and his non-biological cat brother are rescues and definitely not Southerners, unless you count Southern California! Tawny said five years ago Wednesday, Gambino showed up on their doorstep and decided to stay.

Most animals are creatures of habit. It will be important to develop a consistent schedule to follow with your new pet. Potty breaks at regular intervals, feeding at the same time(s) every day, playtime, walks – everything needs to be scheduled. At first, this can seem overwhelming but soon enough, you and your new pet will be on the same schedule.

“He just came to our house and decided we were gonna be his family,” Tawny said.

She said the former street cat is handling his newfound fame fairly well.

“My husband tried to take him off the counter and I said ‘He’s a celebrity now, he can do what he wants!’” she laughed. “It’s sad he’ll never know how popular he is but I guess he’s gonna be humble about it.”