Watch the emotional moment a little girl unwraps her dream puppy for Christmas

pictures of a Seven-year-old crying as she unwraps puppy for christmas
It’s too much (Picture: SWNS)

Feel like having a happy little twixtmas cry?

Then you’ll want to check out this video of a little girl getting the puppy she always dreamed of for Christmas.

While it’s important to remember that dogs are for life, not just for Christmas, sometimes Santa knows when the time is right for you to welcome a new furry best friend into your home. For little Claire Hammer, a puppy had been at the top of her wish list since she was a toddler.

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But with her and her mother Janee both having fur allergies, that wish was hard to grant. Thankfully, Janee recently learned that Goldendoodles – a retriever-poodle mix – are hypoallergenic. This led her and husband Craig to find Nola Rose, the now two-month-old puppy they gave to their daughter as a surprise. The couple picked up Nola on December 17 and, as they couldn’t exactly keep the lively pooch secret for long, Claire’s big brother Ben, 15, quickly popped her in a box outside their front door and rang the doorbell.

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When Claire answered, she burst into tears of joy as Nola poked her head out of the box.
 a Seven-year-old crying as she unwraps puppy for christmas
Goodness gracious (Picture: SWNS)
 a Seven-year-old crying as she unwraps puppy for christmas
Are you crying yet? (Picture: SWNS)
Janee from Frisco, Texas, USA, said: ‘I was crying right along with her.

‘She has been asking for a puppy for as long as I can remember, she is absolutely crazy about dogs.’

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