Watch crushed puppy emerging from debris ALIVE and reuniting with owner in Ukraine

A HEARTBREAKING video of rescuers saving a puppy crushed under debris after shelling in Donbas, Ukraine, has caused a stir on social media.

Ukraine: Rescue workers dig dog from rubble in Donbas region

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Men from rescuing services appear digging the debris, some of them even with their bare hands, to uncover the trapped puppy. After a few seconds, the puppy reaches the surface as one of the men pulls it out, pushing broken parts of brick and cement. The poor animal is then seen opening its mouth as it struggles to breathe, raising from the debris, covered in dust.

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It appeared injured, full of cuts and bruises, however, it is moving and walking, showing everyone that it managed to survive the disaster.

At the end of the video, the owner of the puppy, an elderly man appears holding the poor animal and thanking the rescuing services.

As the camera turns, the devastating image of the destroyed village unravels, showing the unending tragedy of this war.

The video was shared on Telegram by Anton Herashchenko, former Deputy Minister at the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs and currently an official adviser to the Minister.

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Puppy being rescued

The poor dog was trapped under debris but emerged alive with the help of rescuers (Image: Twitter@@Gerashchenko_en)Mr Herashchenko wrote that the owner of the puppy nearly died himself until he too was saved by the rescuing services.

He added: “So much life in this video.”

Mr Herashchenko praised the rescuers for their kindness and courage.

He said: “How much kindness and courage in him of those who continue to fulfil their duty under daily shelling.

“Rescue services work 24/7 doing the hardest work and saving lives.”

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The owner of the puppy holds it in his hands

The owner of the puppy, who was nearly killed himself, held it in his hands and thanked the rescuers (Image: Twitter/@Gerashchenko_en)

Hundreds of likes and comments underneath the post followed from emotional viewers expressing their gratitude to the rescuers and the pain that this war is bringing.

Humans and animals of Ukraine are suffering from the atrocities caused by the Russian army forces.

Animal rights organisations and volunteers put incredible effort to rescue animals trapped on battlefields, while unfortunately hundreds of them have already passed.

Meanwhile, dozens of bodies are uncovered by forensic services every day from mass graves left by Russian troops in the Kyiv region.

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