WATCH Crufts 2022 LIVE here: All the action from Day 3 at Crufts - watch Fly Ball NOW

CRUFTS 2022 has entered day three, and dog fanatics can watch all the action live as it happens here.

Crufts Live

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Crufts 2022 , also known as The World's Greatest Dog Show, has entered its third day - with a range of competition, display and general dog based fun. Crufts is organised by the Kennel Club and held in the UK each year, and is the biggest dog contest in the world. Scroll down to watch the action live from the Birmingham NEC.

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Day three at Crufts will bring the final of Scruffts - a competition for mixed breeds - The Young Kennel Club agility dog of the year finals and more.The finale, and most anticipated prize of Best in Show, will take place on Sunday.

Dogs compete in a range of contests including dog agility, obedience, flyball and heelwork to music.

However, the main contest is Best in Show, which is a hotly award sought by dogs and their owners throughout the world.

Watch Crufts 2022 Day 3 live here.


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Here is the schedule for Day 3 of Crufts 2022

8:45am - Crufts international invitation large jumping

9:30am - Scruffts semi-final

10:30am - Hearing dogs 40th anniversary

10:50am - Lowland search and rescue

11:20am - Southern Golden Retriever display team

11:40am - Medical detection dogs display

12:00pm - BREAK

12:30pm - Heelwork to music freestyle international competition

1:55pm - West Midlands police display

2:25pm - Agility international invitation large (agility)

3:10pm - Young Kennel Club agility dog of the year finals

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3:55pm - Flyball team semi-finals (including Young Kennel Club flyball)

4:45pm - BREAK

5:15pm - Agility international invitation large agility finals

6:00pm - Heelwork to music freestyle international winner

6:05pm - Scruffts final

6:20pm - Obedience champion (dog) and reserve (dog) display

6:45pm - Group judging (utility) and presentation

7:35pm - Group judging (toy) and presentation

8:25pm - Programme ends

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