Wales: Man said 'I'm going' taking his last breath after dog attack

Comp of Keven Jones and a dog
The inquest into the death of former lorry driver Keven Jones has begun (Picture: Wales News Service)

A man who was attacked by one of his son’s pet dogs died of blood loss, an inquest heard.

Keven Jones, 65, took his final breath while saying ‘I’m going’ after he was bitten by Cookie, a two-year-old American Bully, at his son’s house in Wrexham, North Wales. The former lorry driver had offered to dog-sit while his son Josh was at Wembley for a football match, and his daughter-in-law Chanel Long was also out. When she came back to the house, she heard poor Keven yelling: ‘He’s got me.’

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As she turned the corner, she found him on the floor with blood ‘pumping’ from his leg.

Chanel recalled grabbing Cookie’s blanket from his crate to try and stop the wound from bleeding.

Then she carried the victim to the sofa and called the ambulance, which took seven minutes to arrive.

Keven Jones
The horrific incident happened after Keven had offered to pet-sit the dogs (Picture: Wales News Service)
Two-year-old Cookie
Cookie was described as ‘not aggressive in the slightest’ (Picture: Wales News Service)
Paying tribute, Chanel later wrote online: ‘Kev was with me but unresponsive, he grabbed my shoulder and told me he was going.

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‘I told him he wasn’t and the call handler told me to lie him on the floor and do compressions. Seven minutes it took for the ambulance service to get to us.

‘It felt like I was doing compressions for an hour. I want to thank North Wales ambulance service, air ambulance, North Wales Police and their special dog handling team.

‘But after working on Keven for 45 minutes he didn’t take another breath.’

Home Office pathologist Dr Matthew Lyall gave the provisional cause of death as blood loss due to leg injury.

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Keven's son Josh
Keven’s son Josh was in London for a football game at the time (Picture: Wales News Service)
Keven's daughter-in-law Chanel
His daughter-in-law Chanel found him lying on the floor (Picture: Wales News Service)
Cookie was sedated by a police marksman before being put down by a vet.

Despite the horrific incident on May 23 this year, Chanel insisted that the dog ‘was not aggressive in the slightest’.

Her post also said: ‘Anyone who has come into contact with Cookie knows how much of a big fat head play boy he is.

‘He just thinks he’s still a small pup and bounces around rather than walk.’

She added: ‘Today has been the worst day of my life. I have had to watch two men who I love so much take their last breath.

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‘I can’t shake the feeling of Keven’s blood off my hands and all I can hear in my head is Cookie’s cries.

‘Cookie did not attack Keven, he’s a big boy and plays too rough. Please respect Josh and his family, myself and my family at this absolutely heartbreaking time.’

The coroner adjourned the inquest until a date to be fixed to allow police to conclude their investigation.

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