Vetbiochem Charts Previously Unchartered Territory

Acute market analysis and affordable pricing were key to Vetbiochem's awe-inspiring growth over the years. We try to decode their formula for success. Entrepreneurship is all about understanding a particular problem of customers and the need of a market and one's ability to build a business model that delivers a solution to the market. One company based in Pune, understood the pain points of its consumers and subsequently saw a huge market in veterinary & herbal products export. This is the story of Vetbiochem India Pvt Ltd whose customer-centric approach and understanding the need to provide niche quality products at affordable prices took the company to new heights beating all odds on its way since its inception in 2007.
We had the honour of speaking exclusively to Dr. Sachin Phadke, Founder & Managing Director, of the company who took us through Vetbiochem’s journey from a startup to a name which is recognized by a huge global customer-base in just over a decade.
“Initially it was very tough to convince customers to try our products, but as results started showing, customers gained confidence and we moved forward together,” Dr. Phadke adds.
SP19231Dr. Sachin Phadke, Founder & MD, Vetbiochem Vetbiochem’s Product-Line:
When asked what Vetbiochem does, Dr. Phadke tells us: “We cater to the veterinary demand of international clients. Vetbiochem has GMP approved manufacturing facilities in India and is in fact manufacturing products for MNCs under confidentiality agreements, providing us the edge in guaranteeing price competitiveness and a product range parallel to other world class manufacturers.”

“If you ask me about the product line of Vetbiochem, I can proudly tell you that we provide veterinary pharmaceuticals, feed additives & animal healthcare solutions. Our range includes anti-bacterials, anti-infectives, anti-protozoal, anti-coccidal, ecto-parasidal, disinfectants, enzymes, feed additives, toxin binders, herbal products, vitamin oral solutions, vitamins premixes, hepatoprotectors (liver tonics), anti-mastitis products, growth promoters. Our products for poultry, pigs, cattle, goats/sheep, aqua, dogs/cats and horses are in several forms like water soluble powders, powders for feed, oral solutions, injectables, pastes, bolus, drench, pour-on, etc. depending on the type of formulations. Today we also offer customized products tailor-made to the customer’s requirements under their labels,” Dr. Phadke added.


Today Vetbiochem’s line of products are exported to around 40 countries including, Russia, CIS countries, South-East Asia, Middle East, Africa and the company is looking at expanding its global reach by entering more regulated markets.
In addition to Vetbiochem’s already existing products, the company has very recently entered the human Over the Counter (OTC) consumer segment with 100% herbal and organic products with its brand name called EkAyur.

In this regard Dr. Phadke said: “We have three categories: sanitizing products, insect repellent products and cleaning products.

The unique universal herbal surface sanitizing and disinfecting spray can be used for hands, on masks and any surfaces like doorknobs, table-tops, keyboards, Elevator buttons, keys, Car/Two-wheeler points of hand contact etc.

Insect repellent range includes - herbal mosquito repellent room spray, herbal mosquito repellent body spray, herbal mosquito repellent stick, herbal mosquito repellent vaporizer with machine, herbal cockroach repellent spray, herbal house fly repellent spray, herbal dog spray, herbal kennel spray, herbal bed bug repellent spray, herbal rat repellent cake.

Cleaning range includes - herbal kitchen cleaner spray, herbal fruit & vegetable cleaner, herbal bathroom cleaner spray, herbal glass cleaner spray, herbal floor cleaner, herbal toilet cleaner and herbal dishwashing liquid.

Dr. Phadke further adds “We also have a specific product which is 100% organic, based on thyme and other oils that are used for fogging machines and disinfectant tunnels. You will be glad to know that this product has 99.99% anti-viral properties so I can say it is the best product in the market as of today.”

“I may not have mentioned earlier and even if I have, I would like to reiterate again, that all the EkAyur products are fit for mass usage including children because they are cent per cent organic, non-toxic, non-irritant and non-carcinogenic.”


“Our success as a business with products that global consumers can use, depends on keeping ourselves abreast with the latest technologies and continuous research and development. We at Vetbiochem understand this and give it utmost importance. Our state-of-the-art R&D department is a proof to it,” Dr. Phadke added.


When asked if he had a message to new entrepreneurs who are venturing out in the unchartered waters, Dr. Phadke said: “If one really wants to succeed, one needs to have both purpose and passion. Purpose has to be the reason for the journey and passion has to be the fuel that will push you throughout the journey.”

He also dwelled on the utmost necessity on the part of entrepreneurs, new or already in the business, that “like us they need to develop products for customers as per their requirements and provide them products at a cost which is lesser than what they expect. This will not only ensure that you have no competitors but will also guarantee that you will in a very short span of time be able to build a huge customer base,” Dr. Phadke added.

But my message to other start-ups in the entrepreneurial world at this point of time and situation will be: “When starting your venture, do not focus on the how. Rather focus on who you are serving.”

“Also focusing on what worked yesterday distracts you from the opportunity to discover what works today. So just like what Vetbiochem did, continuously keep developing more niche, value-added products with the support of your customers.”

“In life, success is achieved not by force or by luck, but through focused, constant, relentless persistence,” Dr. Phadke adds at length.

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