Very good boy Bailey in training to become champion canine lifeguard

Dog training to be a lifeguard
Good dog (Picture: Caters News Agency)
Say hello to Bailey, a Golden Retriever in training to be a lifeguard.

Bailey, four, can already drag people to safety, pull adrift boats to shore and recover other objects from the water.

The clever boy has been training to save lives for the last two years as part of a ‘dog lifeguarding’ competition at his home in Latvia.

He knows to drag a drowning person by their vest to pull them to safety as well as how to find people on board a boat.

Ultimately, his proud owner Everita hopes that Bailey can earn the title ‘water rescue champion’.

To do so, he needs to complete three difficulty levels in a tense competition.

Everita first heard about the sport years ago and knew Bailey would be up to the challenge as soon as she got him.

The exceedingly good boy Bailey passed his initiation test with aplomb and was instantly accepted onto the ‘rescue team’ where he has since been a regular competitor.

Bailey lifeguard dog in training
Very busy and important (Picture: @gold_dog_bailey / Caters News)
@gold_dog_bailey / CATERS NEWS (PICTURED Bailey practicing his lifeguard skills on a dummy) Meet the brave 'lifeguard' dog who can drag people to safety, recover objects from the water and pull drifting boats ashore. Diving in and out of choppy water is all in a day's work for courageous Golden Retriever Bailey - who has been honing his skills for the last two years as part of a 'dog lifeguarding' competition at his home in Latvia.The talented pup already knows how to retrieve objects from the water, grab the vest of a 'drowning' person to pull them to safety, pull drifting motorboats to the shore and locate people aboard a boat. But the four-year-old pooch shows no signs of stopping and hopes to be crowned 'water rescue champion' when he successfully completes all three levels of difficulty in the gruelling competition. SEE CATERS COPY
Bailey knows how to drag people from the water (Picture: @gold_dog_bailey / Caters News)

Everita said: ‘I think Bailey is competitive because we try not to miss any training.

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‘I also train him on a daily basis at the river near where we live.

Lifeguard dog Bailey and his owner Everita
Bailey trains hard but all his work is paying off (Picture: @gold_dog_bailey / Caters News)

‘A lot of work has been put into training him which has given the desired result.

‘This requires a lot of investment in terms of time, work and money.

‘Seeing how many complex things Bailey has managed to learn in a relatively short time makes me really proud of him.

‘People just really love to see him in action.’

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