Valentine’s day pets: Pet parents make Valentine’s Day special for their pooches

Although furry friends are pampered throughout the year by their parents- this Valentine’s Day- they are in for umpteen kisses, gifts, cute candlelight dinner and more. Single pet parents take the opportunity on V-Day to show gratitude towards their pets and thank them for unconditional love…
Customised gifts and spa sessions
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Mumbai-based banker Sangeeta Lalwani, who owns a Bengal cat and Indie pooch are all set to spoil them on V-Day. “Besides ordering customised V-Day collar for Sonia- my Indie and K-Pop -my cat, I have booked an appointment at a dog and cat spa care. So the two are in for a pampering session. These two munchkins have helped me so much in the lockdown and the day of love is to show my babies how much I love them.”

Dinner and goodies
BeFunky-collage (2)Renu Kumar, a gym owner has a special plan for her golden retriever -Ken. “My baby Ken will get a gift hamper which will have his new eating bowl, a fancy collar, a bed, chewy and soft toys. In addition to this, I will be cooking a healthy meal for us. And a meat and vegetable balls for Ken. I will make him wear a collar too as he is my date for the night.”

Spruce-up your V-Day pet date like a pro

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Celebrate V-Day date at the doggo's favourite spot at home as it is a sign of their comfort zone. It can be your sofa, bed or favourite corner.
For dinner - set up a small table with goodies and balloons. Don't go overboard with decorations, keep them minimalist and play dedicated pet music to set up the atmosphere.
Don't use too many candles, it is preferred to use faux candles as pets may be scared of the real ones.
For cats- who don't stay at one place - play with them using their favourite toys to get their attention and make it worthwhile. Click cute selfies for memories.


Picnics are a fantastic treat for pets. They love to run around, eat and play with their pet parents. So setting up an outdoor date is a welcome change.
Don't forget to shoot videos to capture their cute moments.

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Make him part of the family. Pets, especially dogs, need companionship. They are traditionally pack creatures and need the warmth and love that comes with living indoors with their family.

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