Use of pet masks: No, your pets don't need masks: Vets

While the mask has become the new normal for humans in the post-COVID 19 world, many are now insisting on ones for their pets as well. Pet parents are using masks for their pets to be extra cautious and safeguard the furry friends from the dangers around. While the concept sounds kinda adorable, do our furry friends really need them?
Pet accessory dealer Vishnu Tripathi from Bhopal says that such masks have flooded the market, and are a hit with pet parents. "Every second customer is asking for it. We have stocked up on imported masks from the UK which are especially popular. These are rubber masks, which have an N-95-style opening which helps the pets breathe. There's a disposable tissue in it, which can be discarded with every use." Another Kolkata-based pet accessory dealer Aurobindo Ghosh adds, "Our imported masks have strong straps, which can't be torn apart by a dog or cat. They are made of soft, plastic material so are comfortable as well.”

MASKS CAN BE DANGEROUS TO PETS: VETS Most vets say that such masks are a big 'no'. “Dogs pant with their mouths open and the blood vessels on their tongue keep their body’s temperature regulated. If we cover their mouths with a mask, they might start facing respiratory issues," says veterinarian Himanshu Vyas. DK Patil, another veterinarian, adds, “Rather than using a mask, it’s advisable sanitise your pet with animal-friendly disinfectants. Make sure you also wash their paws properly.”

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