US cinema allows dogs and has bottomless wine and whiskey

K9 cinema in Plano, a movie theatre that allows dogs
Now they just need some pawsecco for the dogs, too (Picture: @K9Cinemas / Instagram)

Currently, if you want to pet your dog when you watch a film, you have to do it in the comfort of your home.

A movie theatre in Plano, Texas, is changing the game, however, and has become the first cinema in the world to let pooches in to watch.

For just $15 (under £12) you get entry to a film at K9 Movie Theatre along with your dog, as well as bottomless wine and whiskey. That’s a bargain if ever there was one.

Although they don’t show brand new releases, there are different themed evenings every week, from date night to bring your dog to church night to margarita and movie night.

The theatre – which opened last year – has big comfy sofas as well as treats so your dog won’t feel left out of the mid-film snacking.

They’re in the process of switching over to a members-only system, where guests can pay $29 (under £23) a month for unlimited monthly visits – with your dog – free wine and liquor and 10% off all concessions and merchandise.

Those who prefer soft drinks or don’t fancy any refreshments can get unlimited visits for $19 (£15) monthly, or upgrade to unlimited soft drinks and water for $24 (£19).

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K9 cinema in Plano, a movie theatre that allows dogs
It’s a great way for the dogs to get out of the heat (Picture: @K9Cinemas / Instagram)
K9 cinema in Plano, a movie theatre that allows dogs
K9 owner Eric says its the first of its kind in the world (Picture: @K9Cinemas / Instagram)

There aren’t plenty of rules, but you do need to make sure you clean up after your dog (you should really be doing this anyway), and bring in their papers so you can confirm they’re up-to-date with vaccinations.

It’s all air conditioned inside to get your pet some respite from the Texan heat, and they can play with the other dogs to their heart’s content. K9 is the brainchild of Eric Landsford, who previously worked in finance. His dog, Bear, walked into his life and he decided on a career change that would incorporate his new best friend.
Eric said of its opening: ‘I wanted to do something that made me happy for once instead of just chasing money and create something that made myself and others happy’.

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