Unwanted dog who was 'forgotten about' in shelter for years desperate for loving home

A DOG who has spent most of her life in a shelter is desperate to finally find a forever home.


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Slvinik, a labrador cross who is around six years old, was rescued as a stray in North Macedonia. But she became "despondent and withdrawn" after spending years stuck in a shelter in the country.

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Marija Stojanovski, who works at the shelter, asked non-profit organisation Viktor's PawPrints, which rehomes unwanted dogs from North Macedonia to the UK, to step in to try to find adopters for Slvinik and her best friend Angel, a five-year-old retriever cross who was also rescued as a stray. A spokesperson for Viktor’s PawPrints said: "This pair of sweet bonded girls have been in this shelter for most of their lives.

"Sweet and gentle and desperate to get out.

"All they have ever known is this pen.


Slvinik is a labrador cross who is around six years old (Image: VIKTOR'S PAWPRINTS)


Angel is a five-year-old retriever cross (Image: VIKTOR'S PAWPRINTS)"They were rescued at an early age and then forgotten about in this shelter until Marija took notice."As more time passed, Slvinik started to become despondent and withdrawn.

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"Marija reported that she was no longer listening to her or even interacting with her.

"She told us she feared time was running out for her, she was giving up."

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The organisation is now searching for a loving home for them together as they do not want to separate them.

Slvinik and Angel are currently based at kennels in Sheffield as they wait for adopters to come along.

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Viktor’s PawPrints is searching for a loving home for Slvinik (pictured) and Angel together (Image: VIKTOR'S PAWPRINTS)


They are friendly with other dogs and could live with children over the age of 10.

Viktor’s PawPrints is looking for patient and understanding owners to help Slivnik and Angel settle into their new lives.

The organisation will be on hand to provide support.

Find out more about Slvinik and Angel here.

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