Unexpected joys of self-isolation

Huge thanks to Adrian Chiles for generously sharing his excellent bread recipe (Who stockpiled all the yeast? Don’t worry, bread-lovers, I have a solution , 1 April). Quick to make, moreish, and the perfect partner for homemade marmalade.Erica RaeYoxford, Suffolk • Wouldn’t it be helpful if every supermarket displayed a big sign reading: “Please don’t take an item off the shelf unless you are going to put it in your basket”?Dave HeadeyFaringdon, Oxfordshire • I doubt if I am alone in my appreciation of the Country diary columns. A daily delight. Atmospheric, sometimes quite poetic. But Monday’s account of a robin bursting into song while feeding from Charlie Elder’s hand was truly wonderful.Jim ChrystieWarlingham, Surrey • Unexpected pleasures of self-isolation: putting copious amounts of garlic into cooking.Lynne PointerBampton, Oxfordshire
• During the Vietnam war, the daily US press briefings were known as “The 5 O’Clock Follies”. Plus ça change.Rob HorneCoventry • A dog is for life, not just a coronavirus pandemic (People in lockdown told not to make impulsive pet decision , 6 April).Bob MoormanGrays, Essex • Join the debate – email [email protected] • Read more Guardian letters – click here to visit gu.com/letters

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