UK ‘must ban unspeakably cruel’ dog meat trade

The UK must play its part in ending the ‘cruel trade involving animal torture’ by ‘banning the consumption of dog meat’, an MP has said.

Tory Bill Wiggin introduced a bill in Parliament to make it an offence to ‘consume dog meat, and to transport, possess or donate dog meat for the purpose of consumption and for connected purposes’.

It is not currently against the law in the UK to eat dog meat.

Introducing the bill, he said: ‘Tragically, 30 million dogs are eaten every year around the world, more than 10 million of these are killed in China alone.

‘In the Republic of Korea, dog meat is the fourth highest consumed meat after pork, beef and chicken,’ Mr Wiggin told the Commons, adding that the dog slaughter industry was worth between ‘$220m-$273m’ (£210m).

‘Many consumers believe it has medicinal value and believe it brings good fortune, yet none of these alleged health benefits have any scientific basis,’ he said.

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The bill intends to ‘ban the consumption of dog meat’ (Picture: Getty images)
Picture: HOC
Conservative MP Bill Wiggin says the UK should set an example to the rest of the world (Picture: House of Commons)

The MP wanted the UK to act as an example to rest of the world, ‘because China argue that until we make it illegal, why should they?’

450 tonnes of dog meat were imported to Japan between 1997-2017, he added.

The USA, Germany, Austria, South Australia, Taiwan and Hong Kong have already banned dog meat consumption.