Uber for dogs! Pet owners to see major change that will revolutionise pet travel

UBER is launching a new service for dogs in a move that will revolutionise travel for pet owners.

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Uber Pet enables the user to board on a pet-friendly ride, along with their animal friends. In order to request a ‘Pet Friendly’ ride on the application, users have to choose "Tap to customize" under UberX, and then swipe to add “Pet Friendly Ride”. Only one pet is allowed on board with them on each ride.

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On its website, Uber clarifies: “Any additional pets you bring are within the individual driver partner's discretion.”The animals allowed on Pet Friendly Rides should be “small dogs or cats”.

However, the company also noted that there is also no breed or size restrictions.

Rides along with animal companions come with an additional cost and therefore are slightly more expensive than regular rides.

A dog in a car

The new service will revolutionise travelling with pets (Image: Getty)

A dog in a car

Dogs and cats will be allowed in Pet Friendly rides (Image: Getty)

According to the company, riders might also be charged a fee by the driver, for cleaning or repairs, if needed.

Socialize your pet. This is especially important for puppies. Again – behavior problems are the number one reason dogs don’t stay with their families and don’t get adopted by new families. Lack of proper socialization can result in inappropriate fears, aggressive behavior, general timidity, and a host of other behavior problems that are difficult to extinguish once a dog is mature.

This could occur in the event that their pet leaves waste, excessive hair, or causes damage.

Uber shared some advice to help its users avoid being charged with extra cost.

The company suggests users have their pet restrained with a leash, harness or placed in a crate/carrier.

Moreover, it asks users help drivers keep their vehicles clean for all riders.

This could be achieved if the owner brings with them protective fabric, like a blanket or a towel to cover the car seat.

A dog in a car

Pet owners are advised to bring a towel or blanket with them for the animal to sit on (Image: Getty)

The company requests owners to be respectful to their drivers, and ask them whether they have a preference for where their pet should sit.

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Uber advises users to not leave pets unattended during the ride.

The new service, however, does not refer to service animals assisting disabled passengers - as these are always welcome.

These, according to Uber’s policies, are nevertheless permitted to accompany riders at all times, without any additional charge.

A cat in a car

Cats and dogs are allowed in Pet Friendly rides (Image: Getty)


This is valid regardless of whether the rider is on a Pet Friendly trip.Andrew Brem, general manager at Uber UK, said: “We’re really happy to be launching Uber Pet in the UK, bringing even more convenient travel options to our riders.

Reduce Stress. Dr. Becker notes, “The key is to reduce anxiety triggers.” If you have a vet visit, “don’t get the carrier out the night before,” give them a few days to get prepared. If they’re nervous alone or travelling, play soothing music, or draw the shades. The less stimulus pets receive from the outside world, the less anxiety they’ll have about events outside their control.

“With COVID-19 restrictions lifted, it’s the perfect time for new pets to get out and about again with you, no matter what your plans.”

The company will donate £1 from every Uber Pet fare to the charity All Dogs Matter.

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