Two dogs rescued after being left for ‘over two hours’ in sweltering car

A pair of dogs were left in this car for more than TWO HOURS amid searing temperatures yesterday (August 8), it has been claimed.
The dogs were trapped in the car as temperatures reached 27C (Picture: SWNS)
Two dogs trapped in a boiling car had to be rescued by police after being left ‘for hours’ in a car park near a Cornwall beach. It is understood officers had to smash a window to save the dogs from the sweltering vehicle, which had parked up near Looe Beach on Saturday.

A local man, who shared an image of the scene on social media, said the dogs had been left in the car unattended for ‘over two hours’.

Kieran Mccrash Mclelland said the police were already at the scene when he noticed the dogs in the car as temperatures reached 27C in the town.

It is understood concerned members of the public spotted the pets trapped in the vehicle and alerted the authorities to save them.

The social media post left hundreds outraged, with many calling for the RSPCA to investigate the incident. Others said they would have smashed the windows in themselves. Last weekend, three dogs had to be saved from cars parked in the baking heat in Lincolnshire and the Isle of Wight.

Police on the Isle of Wight said the two dogs they rescued were okay after they managed to call the owners back from a theme park and open the boot. They described the incident as a ‘regular summer call’.

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A woman who saw a labrador being saved from a car with the windows closed in a shopping centre car park called the owners ‘reprobates’.

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